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WordPress told me, before I started a blog, I should do some exercises to figure out what kind of blog I wanted to write. Make some lists. Draw some arrows. Find a focus. Circle important things. I gave it a whirl. It came out looking something like this:

I threw in a couple bulletpoints so WordPress would know I was serious.

I promise I’ll try and get better at drawing badly.

I haven’t done the ‘about me’ page yet. Or set up categories, other pages. I’ll get to it.

So what is this hot mess of words going to be about?  Well, keep reading. We’ll figure it out together. I run. I cook. I read. I don’t have the patience to maintain a different blog for each thing. I am a sucker for any event that involves costumes. I have a dog. And a husband, and a not-yet-white picket fence on a house that is in desperate need of love and a teardown. So yeah, it’ll be about those things. And probably a few more.