Tuesday’s Child.

Posted: 05/01/2012 in Uncategorized

I’m a Tuesday girl. Born on a Tuesday, for several reasons, it’s my favorite day of the week. Not that I was born on a Tuesday for several reasons, but that Tuesday’s my favorite day for several reasons. Although I’m sure there are several reasons I was born on a Tuesday too…not the point. *shudder* Not thinking about my parents sex life, not thinking about my parents sex life…

Back to today. Find my happy place. Return to the blog.

I wake up with a very simple sense of appreciation for life. Yes, I do, brain GET. BACK. TO. THE. BLOG! Birds chirping. Seeing irises out in the yard. Good coffee brewed at home. I have nowhere to be on Tuesday, which is probably the thing that contributes most to my grasp on simple. Most of the day is laid out for me before my feet hit the floor – for things that keep the boss happy and the mortgage paid, so I’m not totally free –  but those little parts that are all mine are filled with bits of wonderful. A fuzzy thing that reminds me to smile. Staying barefoot all day. Lunch eaten at home. Prepping for my evening run. Being home when the husband gets off work.

Life is about simple pleasures when you swat the more complicated stuff off of it. 

Also on Tuesdays, I bake chicken almost every week. Three chicken breasts, each seasoned differently. It makes the house smell fantastic and saves me time. They’ll go into dinners this week. Herbed will go on a salad tonight. I’ll work Cajun into some enchiladas tomorrow – probably make a double batch to freeze some since I didn’t make plans for chicken breast #3.

That’s some fascinating shit right there. Irises. Puppies. And unallocated chicken. I forgot to mention that on Tuesday, I’m a freakin’ Stepford wife. Ta-hee! So very not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just not who I am. Somewhere along the way I think society – and by that I mean mainly other women – criminalized women that wanted to stay home educating kids and running a happy house. As a natural introvert, the whole staying home part makes me envious. Unfortunately, I’m a pretty crappy keeper of the hearth most of the time. 

Lots on the brain today. Things coming later in the week. 

The first step on a major house renovation begins tomorrow. Both excited, hopeful, terrified and completely intimidated all at the same time. Once we cross this threshold, there’s no unringing that bell until we’re done with the whole project – at least not without the house falling down. The bankers would probably frown on that. No one likes a frowny banker. Soooo much shit that needs done around this house. 

I’m running the first leg of the Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday. At 6.84 miles, this is not a big deal to me. I’ve done several half-marathons and I’m reasonably prepared for this run. But I want to do well for my team, a thing that has me putting unnecessary pressure on myself since I’m a slower pace runner. Need to just go through my run prep and leave the pressure at the door. Oh, did I mention I’ve never met the person I’m supposed to hand-off the chip/anklet too? Yeah. The fact that I’ll be trying to find someone I’ve never met in a crowd when I’m exhausted and sweaty concerns me. 

On to really important things – I need to find a necklace that coordinates with one of my husband’s dress ties. This is stupid. I know. But I’m a girl that hasn’t worn a dress since my wedding – and I had to go get a dress for a thing. So even though it’s stupid, if I’m doing the dress thing, I’m doing it right – and that includes finding a necklace to match my husband’s tie since nothing else I picked out goes with his dress jacket. Stepford wife fail! It’s like a train wreck happening right in front of ya. Without a necklace to bind us – it will be like we’re strangers. How will he recognize me? Sometimes I am a ridiculous person. 

None of this, except for pieces of the run prep, are getting done on Tuesday. Tuesday is for propping my feet up while I work, a dog dropping balls in my lap, and letting the lightening talk me into passing on my evening run in favor of a home brewed beer with the husband. Tuesday is for simple and peaceful, for eyeballing tomorrow, and smelling baked chicken.


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