A phone call on the right path

Posted: 05/02/2012 in Uncategorized

I think when your chiropractor calls to see if you’re okay, that’s lovely.

It’s even lovelier when it’s because he hasn’t seen you since you mentioned, after 3 YEARS of monthly (or more frequent) adjustments, that you were going to start coming in on an “as needed” basis.

Changing the schedule because the shoulder that’s been giving you GRIEF with a pinched nerve seems to be stabilizing, and (knock-on-wood) hasn’t been bothering you in a way you can’t handle yourself.

And you know that the reason the shoulder is more stable is because you’ve been WORKING YOUR ASS OFF at the gym for months. Getting lots stronger. Losing weight. Feeling better. Doing more push-ups than you’ve ever done in your life. Until you do more than that next week.

To the point that it’s almost funny to you, that you weren’t sure when you signed up for boxing bootcamp 9 months ago if you’d even be able to do it. That shoulder and all. And then you had doubts because for the first two months of boxing and bootcamp, your shoulder REALLY FUCKING HURT, and you weren’t sure it was healthy to take that much Advil in a single day. And you saw the chiropractor a little more frequently than you had been. And he was frowny. Boxing? Really? That’s pretty heavy repetitive impact right into that shoulder. Yes. It is. I do a lot of push-ups in class too. And I REALLY LIKE it. I like it enough to deal with the hurt. So he keeps frowning and crunching your bones back into place. And you keep telling that shoulder to suck it, in complete contradiction to common sense. Far be it for you to cater to common sense.

Until you realize that you’re due for the chiropractor, but your shoulder feels alright today. Wow. When did that stop hurting? I don’t remember it hurting during class yesterday, or even much this week. So you kick out your appointment another week.

And when he sees you again, his brows are furrowed. Shouldn’t this boxing and bootcamp be irritating that shoulder even more? Shouldn’t you have quit this by now because it hurts too damn bad? His concern is coming from a genuine place. But there isn’t so much crunching. And you start thinking to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you didn’t even really need that appointment.

And that happens again. So when you call and cancel the next one, you say you feel good and you’ll be in “as needed” like you should be ashamed of it, though you don’t know why. Isn’t that a good thing?  You know where to go if meanie-shoulder flares up. Then you go do more push-ups. And that shoulder gets stronger and seems to keep it’s mouth shut. You know it’s still there, but it’s keeping its opinions to itself. A truce seems to have been declared when you weren’t paying attention.

And “as needed” seems to have let two whole appointments go without even a phone call to the chiropractor to put an appointment on the horizon in front of you. How did your shoulder let this happen? A year ago, it would not have let this happen. It must have changed management.

Then your chiropractor calls you. This is a new thing. How are you? How’s the shoulder? I haven’t seen you in awhile. Good. Glad to hear it’s not bothering you too much. Well, you know I’m here if you need to come in.

So lovely for him to think of checking in on me.

*Disclaimer: My chiropractor is a really nice person. His frowny brows over boxing are from genuine concern that I was going to undo a stasis we’d worked quite awhile to reach.

  1. It took me a few tries before finding the right chiropractor. They are a fickle crowd! But I really like the guy I found, he has never told me not to run, and I think he appreciates that I do a fair amount of cross training. Anyway, good post, a good reminder for us all to kick ass!


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