Lousy Aftertaste

Posted: 05/14/2012 in Uncategorized
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To get the thing out of the way, I’m just going to say it – I think that almost-7 mile run for the Pig beat me up a little worse than I thought it did. It shouldn’t have. I’ve run further, and harder, in worse weather. But it did – it beat me up a bit. I have had ZERO inclination to run since – and I’m not so sure that it’s even about how that run went that’s made me feel that way – but more about the aftermath. I honestly think I had a wicked-bad case of heat exhaustion afterward and it left a nasty aftertaste in my running shoes.

When we got home from the Pig running and the cheering, I was STARVING and GROSS. Gross to the point that the husband kept all the windows down on the ride home. Gross. Food & shower. Need to get ’em. No biggie there. 30,000 other people had those same priorities. Got that done. Guzzled some water & Gatorade. But then as soon as I sat down, I just felt like ass. In fact, after more water, more Gatorade, a 4-hour nap, Advil, more water, iced coffee, more water, dinner, more Advil and a Coke later- I still barely felt human – exhausted and groggy. Let me tell you – I don’t usually nap after a half-marathon. Too much adrenaline & endorphins going on for too long afterward to nap. I rest, but have never been able to sleep. And I RARELY RARELY RARELY drink pop. So the fact that I slept a LOT (I get about 5-6 hours a night, so a 4-hour nap is a LOT.) AND had a pop. I didn’t feel so hot and I couldn’t find the winning lottery combination to fix me. And this wasn’t even a 13.1 – this was barely over a 10k!!

Yet my groggy head still laid out my clothes for bootcamp the next morning. I wanted to make sure I gave myself the option and I set the alarm. Can always hit the snooze and roll over if I need to. And at the 4:45 alarm, I felt good enough to go – with a promise to myself that I would tap into my water bottle every time I stopped moving. Still felt a little low on the H20. Probably not the smartest decision, but something in my brain told me I needed to get to the gym for some redemption.

Nothing shakes off a bad run like a good workout.

I was totally glad I went. I had a fabulous workout despite an unhappy hamstring and my trainer set up an obstacle course at the end, which is one of my favorite things. Every time we do one of those, I start thinking about finding a beginning “parcour” running group. Then I watch Quantum of Solace and get some sense back in my head. I bruise easy. Parcour looks bruisey. Anyway, we did have to do a SHORT – like 30 feet short – run as part of the obstacle course and I kid you not, as soon as the man said ‘run’ my brain groaned. Like I heard it. Inside my head. And it was loud and kind of like the Wizard of Oz before the curtain gets pulled back. All it said was “RUUUUNN.” It sounded like it was coming from someone else – but nope. It was inside my head. And there was some sort of half-growling groan that accompanied it. Pre-curtain Wizard of Oz in my brain is kind of scary – and it really didn’t want to run. But then I said ‘Suck it WOZ’ and I ran the 30 feet a few times. Got it done.

Tuesday- a running day- my unhappy hamstring said ‘Rest day or else!’. I listened. He was serious. (Yes, I called my hamstring a ‘he’ even though I’m a girl – what of it?)

Wednesday – back to bootcamp. Thursday should’ve been a run day. Friday should’ve been the run day that I skipped on Thursday. Like I said, ZERO interest in running and my stomach in knots all week. Still just didn’t feel like me.

By Saturday, I hadn’t run all week. The running group for the Hyde Park Blast was starting Saturday morning. That being a run that has had my short-distance focus all Spring. I want to run that well and PR it, and prior to the Pig I was pretty excited about that group getting started. Until I rolled over and turned off the alarm clock on Saturday morning. My running shoes gasped in horror. My friend, my friend – you can not PR a run that you will not get out of bed for. And sadly, the first run is the easiest. The Blast is a 4-mile race (moderately challenging route). 4 miles. Four. FOOOOO-UR. So our assignment for the first run was only 2 miles. Easy-peasy.

Or it would have been easy-peasy had I not opted to sleep through it.

ZERO interest. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


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