Nothing accidental about it

Posted: 06/15/2012 in Uncategorized
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This morning, I was checking out a listing of local runs/races to see if anything piqued my interest for the weekend more than my usually scheduled training runs, when I ran across the Heart Chase. In the description was the sentence fragment:

“No one gets healthy by accident…”

And I thought to myself, Damn. How true is that?

My life and lifestyle have changed DRAMATICALLY since I started making concious and educated choices about the work I’m asking of my body every day and the fuel I’m putting in it. I walk into every single day with a plan for how much activity I need and/or want, and how I’m fitting that into my schedule. Also, I do not consume food carelessly. I wouldn’t call myself obsessed by any means, but I am trying to lose weight, and that means that I really do need to think through everything I put in my mouth. The phrase “You can’t outrun your fork” is what I use to beat back temptation when there’s lasagna on the lunch buffet. Not that I don’t chuck it all and spend a day eating pizza in my jammies here and there, but that’s an exception now rather than the rule it had been. Carefully considered consumption. Be a person of motion. Those are the new rules for me. So reading that phrase – that “no one gets healthy by accident’- struck a powerful chord with me.

I like it. A lot.

And then the mind wandered to thinking about some of the recent conversations I’ve had surrounding health. Someone told me the other day that I was lucky to have my health. This is partly true. I’ve gotten some lucky DNA – strong bones, good teeth, rockin’ immune system. But for the overall result, luck has less to do with it than choosing to get up at 5:30am to go workout 3 days-a-week, with running in-between, and hitting up the salad bar instead of the grill every day for lunch. Good DNA only gets you so far. You have to earn the rest. I still have a ways to go with losing some weight, being the runner I want to be, trimming off some body fat, but I’m getting there. I’m earning it. Without shortcuts, because taking the long way around will pay off better in the long run.

My health is not an accident. Nor does it have anything to do with luck. My health is about sweat, and cussing at my trainer 20lb kettlebells, and talking myself through runs up ginormous hills, and spinach instead of iceburg, and ‘yuck, I can feel the salt on my face’ or ‘crap, I just got sweat in my eyes’. It’s about owning more running capris than I do regular pants, tripping over 3 pairs of running shoes in different states of wear, and smelling really bad on a regular basis. It’s about not wearing makeup to the gym because there’s no point when I’m planning to sweat so hard it will melt off. It’s about working so hard that I forget I don’t have makeup on and that my hair is drenched in sweat when I’m talking to my workout/running companions. It’s about doing a lot of laundry that brings out my ‘stinkface’. It’s about walking to my car in the early morning dark with my gym bag before there’s another light on in any of my neighbors houses. It’s about being grateful that my husband is willing to get up 10 minutes early to let the dog out so that I don’t have to worry about rushing home the second my workout is over, and that neither my carpool or my boss care if I’m 10 minutes late to work since my workout puts me in a better mood for the day.

None of that is accidental. Or lucky. It’s hard work and hard choices. And totally worth it.


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