Race Prep: Hyde Park Blast

Posted: 06/29/2012 in Uncategorized

The forecast for tomorrow’s 8:00am starting line is mildly hot 79-degrees with a “real-feel” of “yeah, that’s hot” 86-degrees and humidity of “what were you thinking registering for this” 80%. Usually, this is something that would have already been bothering me for days as often I do not do well running through Death Valley in a run under such conditions. A chant of ‘fuckity-fuck-fuck’ would be running through my head.

Instead I am smothering that thinking with a stinky running bra quieting that.

I am reminding myself to set an intention to do what I can do with this run when it begins tomorrow. Reminding myself to leave the expectations and pressures behind. Telling myself that even though I seem to have it in my head that this run & I have a history of bad runs together – I set my pace PR for all of last year on this run and that I am much healthier this year. That I have run this route twice this month and been PROUD of how I’ve run. That I have already conquered all of this course twice to my satisfaction, which also means conquering the very hardest part of it twice, to my satisfaction.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to PR this race by 4 minutes. That’s shaving 1 full minute-per-mile off of last year’s PR. An aggressive goal for me. And while I wouldn’t be upset if that happened, I haven’t even looked at the Garmin data from the last two runs of that route to see if it’s reasonably possible. I’m kind of afraid. I really liked how I felt about those two runs – thought I did excellent with the biofeedback and pace control. I’m afraid if I look at the data and it doesn’t support how I felt, if it’s slower than I hope, then it’ll open the door for some negativity to creep in. I don’t want that. I think the past few weeks have changed my initial goal – not to be so concerned about the time and the pace, but rather to stay in a good place mentally, talk myself through tough spots effectively, and respect what my body is telling me about how hard to push and when to pull back. While at the same time not letting myself quit just because things might get hard somewhere in there – call myself out on the bullshit. That is one mouthful of a goal!

Whenever the thoughts about heat and challenge are creeping in, I am beating them back with the mantras that got me through that route twice – “it’s supposed to be hard” and “soak up the goodness” and “push through” and “don’t settle”.

My friend Bean is running the Leadville Trail Marathon tomorrow. I sent her good wishes for fast feet earlier today. That woman is a WARRIOR!  The course profile for Leadville looks like this:


So, in the morning, when I take off to do my 4-mile race, Bean will be starting a hellacious climb – the first section of which exceeds my run by 2 full miles before her glutes and hamstrings will get a break. If I remember in the morning, I’m intending to write the words ‘hard’ and ‘good’ on my forearm to help keep me focused on positive during my run – if only because “at least you’re not Bean” seems a bit long. 

(Good Luck Bean and Mr. Bean!)


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