Ground & Pound Monday

Posted: 07/09/2012 in Uncategorized

Guess who didn’t drop a 60lb MMA grappling bag on her nose this morning?


Apparently, when you drop the 35lb version on your face, it makes an impression that, perhaps, you shouldn’t do that. So much so, that when you get to play with the 60lb bag on a similar session, you damn well make sure you DON’T DROP IT ON YOUR FACE! YAY ME!

This is how I am defining success now – in terms of how much shit I have not dropped on my face to begin the day. It makes you feel accomplished pretty easily.

Shoe? Nope. Still on feet.

Coffee mug? Got close, but nailed the landing into the mouth.

Car? Nope! Not on face! WINNING! I’m a WINNER!

Welcome to Monday. May you leave the treadmarks on the ground and not on your face this week.




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