The Next One Up

Posted: 07/27/2012 in Uncategorized

After yesterday, I owe it to you to put a sock in it and keep this one short.

August 3rd – the Downtown Dash 5k.  Registered!

I love it when a run has a little block party to go with it:

I know I said I was reconsidering the whole race aspect of running, but but but but…

  • Nash & Maine are already registered
  • The route is VERY similar to the last one I ran with both of them – which I PR’d my 5k on earlier this year
  • We’ll have access to Nash’s yoga studio, which is nearby, to clean up & avoid portalets.
  • AND well, there will be beer and merriment afterward since it’s a Friday night.

A Friday night run & party doesn’t bode well for my Saturday long run the next day, but meh. I’ll figure it out.


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