Reason #1 that the internet is a wonderful place

Posted: 07/30/2012 in Uncategorized

You know, aside from all the mushy, connectivity, diversity shtuff…

is that when I decided to follow a link from The Bloggess (all bow)

and found this

(Yes, the link was titled “Horrifically awesome zombie head gum ball machine” and yet I still clicked on it KNOWING about her taxidermy thing and my zombie thing – but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE! I didn’t consider those two things could be linked!)

and I yelled HOLY SHIT! at my desk with a bit of a jump

then dove frantically over my screen to keep my co-defendants from seeing what was on my computer screen, as all of a sudden they were very interested in me,  

I could then

click on something like this

and scrub that icky, big meannie, stupid-head dried zombie out of my brain.

I shall spend the rest of the day counting the number of diseases one could contract from eating a zombie brain gumball.

Thank you internet.


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