Someone speak sense to me…

Posted: 07/31/2012 in Uncategorized

because I don’t seem to be making any.

I know I just got done saying how I’ve realized that I don’t much care for doing races anymore. And I am preferring short distance running with no desire to do long distances.

Then I registered for a 5k on this upcoming Friday night.

And now, well, I need someone to talk me out of  this.  Another half-marathon.

You see, I picked up this little card at the Flying Pig expo that had a horse on it, in a pretty pasture with a note about a reduced early registration special on August 1st only. And I spent some time at the booth. And I talked to a friend who’s done it and who told me it was, as billed, “One of the prettiest half-marathons in the country.” She runs them all over the place so she would have an educated opinion.

And this stupid little card, tacked to my ‘inspiration board’, has been tugging at me for the 3 months since.  I got back onto the website again yesterday. I was a bit disappointed that they’d changed the race to be part of the Rock ‘n Roll series – as it wasn’t before and as the press release states – only had 900 runners last year. I thought it being a smaller field of runners would be appealing – but I’ll add that even with the first-year larger field, it’ll still be really small compared to the 25-30k fields I’ve been in.

Oh, and did I mention that the course is WAY SCARIER on the hills than the Pig? Even as someone who prefers rolls and hills – when I saw the elevation chart, I was seriously intimidated. INTIMIDATED!!! Even changing management, there aren’t may ways for them to change the course in that area, so I’m anticipating that even though they pulled it off both websites, the course won’t change much from what I saw prior.  It is up, steep up, steep up, more steep up, steep down, then more steep up again.

I would have to train hills, hills, and more hills like hills are my fucking job for the next 7 months to even begin to do decently on this route.

Seriously people, what am I thinking? I’m not loving races. I’m not loving distance. Is LOVING pretty scenery enough of a reason to train for a half? ‘Cause that’s about the only thing I can think of as to what is compelling me to do this run. I LOVE SOME PRETTY ROUTES – and tend to do better when there’s scenery to enjoy. 

I need some sense talked into me.


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