Death by Squats & a few other ways to get dead

Posted: 08/16/2012 in Uncategorized
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Oooh interweb, as I write this my ass is so sore from yesterday’s bootcamp that I swear my farts sound like they’re whispering oouuuuuch.  E-gads! 

The trainer calls it a Super-7 set, where we do repeats on 7 different things that work the same muscle group from different angles. I call yesterday’s ‘Death by Squats’ because that’s what we were doing – 7 different kinds of squats – with a 25lb kettlebell. I’d post the sequence – because it was a good one – but somehow that feels like stealing someone’s homework since I didn’t set up the workout. Not cool. Anyway, when all was said and done, I’d finished over 300 squats & hit a failure point. That kettlebell & I – we were having one heck of a 4-letter discussion in my head. My core is feeling it a bit too. On the good note – my lower back feels A-O.K. – so my form must’ve been solid the whole way through & we upped my weight by 5lbs. Tight lower back = shitty kettlebell form. Also, no sign of trouble from my T1 (back of neck) – which has seriously protested the kettlebell in the past.  Another reason I was being super concious of my form. I like it when things get all healed proper.

Haven’t been running much at all this past week. The husband & I went off to Chicago for the weekend to see a Reds v. Cubs game. We’re Reds fans. We were planning to wear Reds gear to Wrigley Field. Apparently, this is another way to get yourself dead. Or so we were told. But only if walking there from our hotel didn’t get us dead that way first. I guess there are lots of ways to get yourself dead in Chicago if you don’t know the rules of the place. I took some pics which I’m planning to post up later. Anyway, despite my best packing intentions, I never made it to the lake walk or to the hotel fitness center to get some running in. I skipped last night’s run because, well – oouuuuch! So today brings me to a whole 8 days without my running shoes beating down some pavement. Hoping to remedy that later with some time on a treadmill – I figure that might be a little more gentle than concrete for my sore ass.


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