Add 1 more way to get dead to the list

Posted: 08/29/2012 in Uncategorized

In the interim of all the posts about ballet and dance, I’ve managed to catch a head cold. I can’t see the computer screen over the haze of my swollen sinuses and all I want is for someone to bring me a blankey and rub my feet. *sigh*

Eric was feeling off over the weekend and came into full phlegmy-nastiness on Monday. Yick. The past few times he’s had a cold I’ve managed to either shake it off before it got started or avoid it entirely. I credit this to the gym & good genes. Not to be a braggert, but I’ve got a kick-ass immune system! Some people get long legs or Mensa IQ’s – I get good health. I’ll take it! Keeping up with a consistent workout routine just adds to the good. I rarely get sick anymore, and when some germs do get a foothold, it doesn’t stay long. (knock on wood)(heh, she said wood.)

But this cold I couldn’t dodge. I’m sure my taking a huge swig of his Gatorade didn’t help matters (I am always stealing sips on his drinks). One of those moments where you realize what you’ve done about a second too late and then say ‘well, that was really stupid’. Yup, it was really stupid.

Now I have the plague. Oh, and did I mention I’m allergic to Nyquil? Suck.

Looks like I’ll be playing workouts by ear this week – I try to keep up with what I can even when I’m sick so long as I don’t have a fever. (If I have a fever, I sit out of everything.) I skipped bootcamp this morning in the interest of not contaminating our small group of athletes, but there’s a 6 mile run on the schedule tonight which I’m on the fence about. Part of me wants to see if I can run this cold out of my system & shut it down with the quickness. The other part wants to go curl up on the couch, finish reading Gone Girl, and be TLC’d.

  1. It’s so frustrating to have illness knock you out of your workout schedule. It seems the older I get, the more often I get sick or injured every time I start to establish a good exercise routine.

    • likeablegirl says:

      But think of the level of accomplishment you feel every time you restart the program without having to do any more actual work! It’s like Woo!hoo! – I made it to mile 1 on the treadmill again. Last time I made it to one mile, it was 1982, but then I pulled my groin muscle. Don’t want to do that again, better quit while I’m ahead. Crap, are my sinuses clogging up?

      The rest of us have to get to 1.1, and then 1.2. The constant pressure to perform more reps on the abduction machine…no one wants to have to do more reps on the abduction machine.


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