Stepping past the point of common sense

Posted: 09/06/2012 in Uncategorized

A few weeks back, I mentioned that the idea of a particular half-marathon was tugging at me.

A whole month further down the road and it’s still tugging at me.

Then I downloaded my Garmin data and I swear to Hal Higdon, the display said “SLACKER” instead of “TRANSFERRING” when I plugged it into the computer. It told me I hadn’t run since August 22nd and I said ‘Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!‘ because that’s just. not. possible. Except that there was that head cold last week. Oh, and the whole honesty thing. Because when I get really, really honest with myself – I have been completely lacking in motivation to run my training runs. I’ve been cherry-picking the routes and starting points and distances, ignoring ones that didn’t suit me. I’ve been sleeping in when I should be pushing pavement on weekend mornings. Bootcamp has me in good enough shape that I can go out and run in this hap-dash way and make a good show of it. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still not where I want to be as a runner, and that my actions aren’t backing up my intentions. It doesn’t change the fact that as of yesterday, I hadn’t run since August 22nd.

And it doesn’t change the fact that Run the Bluegrass is still tugging at me. So…this is what a 29-week training plan looks like for Run the Bluegrass: 29 weeks is ridiculously long for a half-marathon plan. RIDICULOUS. It is long enough to roll around in my unmade clock, use minutes as a spread for my toast. It’s long enough to focus on getting a really strong base on those hills, then reinforce it again, and then reinforce it again. I adapted it from the Hal Higdon plan. I know I’ll need to find some tips & tricks to help me keep my focus when my attention wanders, but I have always been good at long term goals.

I only need 3 runs a week with all the cross-training, so I’ve designed an extra run into the program. My intention is that if I get my ‘two-a-day’ in on Wednesday, then I can have Thursday as a rest day. If I don’t, then Thursday will find me running away my lunch hour on the treadmill or trail at work.

The program started yesterday – 4 miles. Of course, a freakin’ monsoon of rain hit right before I was supposed to go meet the running group, but I went anyway. Luckily it stopped right before we took off (or unluckily depending on how you feel about the humidity spiking). I ended up back at the starting point at 3.75 – and normally, I would’ve let that be good enough – but I thought to myself, “3.75 isn’t 4. How exactly do you want to kick off this program?”. Then I went and ran the other .25 to get to that first goal. I let myself 3:1 it to get my stride back after 2 weeks off, and found myself pushing the pace repeatedly. It was a good start.

This is the first time I’ve written my own training plan for a run. Up until now, I’ve either used an established plan or I’ve let the running group schedule stand as my reference. Now I’ve written my own plan and I’m going to adapt the other resources around it. I’ll admit, it’s got me a little nervous to feel on my own. But sometimes nervous is good, right? At least 29 weeks will give me a lot of time to work out the nerves. I’d love some feedback on the plan if anyone wants to put in their two cents.

  1. 28 weeks is more than a full marathon training plan, so, um, sign up, then you’ll have that extra motivation to get up and run! Signing up always makes it more exciting!

    • likeablegirl says:

      I know, I know. Like I said – I have a ridiculously long time to prep for this – and you’re right, I could train for a full in that time (in fact, I’m thinking of scalloping into my training group’s ‘full’ pack since they should be at the mileage I need in the later part of training). I’m researching hotels right now. As soon as I lock down a hotel room, I’m registering.


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