Dusting Off

Posted: 09/21/2012 in Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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Nothing like getting smacked in the face with a cobweb as soon as you walk in the door. Wow – this place gets dusty fast!

Interweb, I have been a busy girl. I’ve had lots to write about on the mind – but sometimes being healthy is about more than time on the pavement and time in the gym. The husband & I have been busy getting healthy in other ways – sprucing up our home with a new couch & carpet, signing contracts on some major home improvements, signing bank documents to refinance the house for a better interest rate. You know, very grown-up healthy things to do. Celebrating a birthday and an anniversary. Hosting a dinner party.  Things I’ve been happy about doing, but things that take time.

Annnnnnd getting in workouts and doing the 40-hour work week in there as well. I’ve had to make choices between writing and doing – and most of the time, doing has to win. I said ‘most’. There was that one day that I came home from work, sat down on the couch and was out like a light for about 2 hours. A post-work nap is a very rare occurrence in my world if that tells you anything.

Among all the things that got done:

  • I did go see the Kaplan New Works ballet performance I’ve been writing about. In an ideal world, I would’ve gone to see the show at the beginning of the run and had a review out with the quickness. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t let me get to the show until the second-to-last performance and by the time I sat down to gather my thoughts on it, the final show was going on. So there wasn’t much of a point to encouraging other people to go see it. It would’ve been more of a ‘HAHA – I saw something FABULOUS and youououou missed it!’. Because it was absolutely amazing!! I had a 3rd row center seat on the floor, so dancers were less than 10 feet from me at times and you could see into their eyes. One dancer’s eyes were tearing up after a particularly difficult solo – and it made mine well up too. If the passion, energy & creativity that were brought to that performance are any indication, the rest of this season is going to be jaw-droppingly fantastic. Next up is Alice in Wonderland at the end of October – and the ballet has been giving sneak peaks of the costumes on their facebook page. The costuming looks fun as heck – and did you notice it credited ‘puppets’. Hmmm. I’m intrigued. It’s a one-weekend show though, so I better get myself into gear a little faster this time.
  • I FINALLY had a three-run week this week!!!!! Which I know sounds pretty stupid since I’m supposed to be running my training plan for RTB – which is 3-4 runs a week. I had a feeling I would be warming up to training pretty slowly. Most of the Summer has been marked by 1-run and 2-run weeks – and I haven’t had a 3-run week since mid-July. But this week I hit a glorious 3! and I could almost feel the shift in my enthusiam as soon as I got off the treadmill on Thursday. I did my standard 3-mile run on Monday – sticking all my hills. I powered through a 4-mile pretty flat on Wednesday where my legs felt like lead the entire time. I was actually pretty proud of that one because my lazy-voice was working overtime telling me I could just walk it or interval but I said ‘suck it!’ and kept on going. I even kept on going when I got back to the starting point at 3.8 miles and felt disappointed that I was 0.2 short – so I ran up and down the block again to get to an even 4. Then Thursday was treadmill time on my lunch hour.  I have a 7k race scheduled for Saturday, so I’ll hit 4 runs by week’s end. YAY! I’m suddenly feeling more optimistic about running again! YAY!
  • I have 3 races scheduled over the next 3 Saturdays. Tomorrow is the Hudy 7k/14k. I’m in for the 7k. Next Saturday is Race for the Cure 10k. Then the first weekend in October is a huge local run here – The Reggae Run 5k with it’s hilly hilly HILLY course. So I’m thinking the renewed optimism & the race schedule should help seal in my start to the RTB training.

Since I got a little pressed for posting time, I decided to give Twitter a try. You’ll find the ‘follow’ link on the sidebar over there ->. Follow me, please? I’m still figuring out how to work it. Seriously, do you just make up a hashtag? How the heck do you know what to hashtag things with? I don’t know. Adventures in technology are ahead, I’m sure.

Finally, I’m trying to decide if I should leave this blog as being just about fitness stuff, and create a separate blog for my ‘rest of life’ stuff, or put all of it in here and have a second blog for my creative stuff (I like to take pictures and write fiction/poetry.) Thinking. Pondering. Wandering. If anyone has any thoughts on that, or has found an effective answer to that for themselves, I’d be interested in hearing them.


  1. Wow,! Busy, busy! But that’s great! And even getting a 3 run week in that busy schedule! WooHoo! I think you can throw your creative stuff here on this blog. Mine started out as strictly fitness/running, but, I’m a human and sometimes blog about other human things. A lot of the times my non-running posts get more attention than a race recap!


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