The timesucks ate my workout

Posted: 09/27/2012 in Uncategorized

Dear Self,

Telling yourself that you’ll take just a minute to check FB & Twitter before you head off to the gym is why you will be enjoying a chilly, gray, drizzle-run later this evening instead of a warm, well-lit, watching-the-Reds-game, treadmill run during your lunch hour. From now on, sweat equity earns you the technology time when you’ve got a lunch run scheduled. Gym first. Twit later. Love, Self.

The technology timesucks I volunteer for stole my lunch workout, but they did leave me a few minutes to blog – so, hi there! I’ve got some randoms on the brain:

First off, I promised myself as I was listening to this in carpool that I WOULD WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!! because I was THAT FLABBERGASTED! that people would even consider sending their kids off to Crossfit. Then Cultfit listed it under “Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse” and I thought to myself – well, that was succint. So, ditto. Then I reminded myself that I don’t have kids and should probably leave opinions about things like that to people that have kids to send off to Crossfit and that no one had actually asked me my opinion.

Then I reminded myself that I’m a blogger.

Next, joining Twitter has been an interesting experiment in interwebbing. Since Steena and Dallas Latos were my main little-bluebirds-of-inspiration for joining – I followed them first. Then being the Reds fans that we are in my house – I went hog wild with the following of my favorite Reds players. And on from there. Things I have learned thus far:

  • Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest fucking people on the planet. If he ever re-tweets me, I will make myself a special little trophy for being funny enough to have Ricky Gervais re-tweet me, because THAT SO SHOULD BE WORTHY OF A TROPHY. I would say a similar thing about TheBloggess except that I would feel obligated to have a taxidermied trophy for that, and I can’t get down with the possibility that taxidermied things could come back alive and go zombie on my ass.
  • Whether people use their powers for good or evil becomes clear on twitter very quickly
  • With only 2 followers right now, my powers are useless. 😦 Seriously people, how do you get followers? Follow me, please?
  • I have been followed by several porn-looking people right off the bat, then they were gone just as quickly. I’m sad that I don’t have more followers but grateful that I don’t have to see bare-assed porn avatars all the time.
  • A pitcher that Eric has been calling the “Ragin’ Cajun'” for.ever. posts #5things of gratitude on a frequent basis & posts really positive thoughts. His #5things posts are one of my favorites to see come up because they make me stop and think of my own gratitudes. People are surprising.
  • Premade roux is a thing that exists. (Doesn’t it have butter in it?)
  • Happiness is pretty easy to find when you need a little pick me up. You can’t read something like #5things and #furiouslyhappy and not feel better about whatever.

Finally, I tried to mix up my usual lunch salad a little bit today and realized I’d made most of it from the toppings section. Salad fail. That’s probably why it was so dang good! Spinach, chicken, chickpeas, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, feta, croutons & balsamic vinegar dressing. I am now trying to decide if this was healthy enough to justify the vegan oatmeal-apricot bar I picked up for dessert under the heading of “pre-run fuel” – since ya know, I’m running AFTER work now and I’ll need a little afternoon snacky-snack to set myself up for success.

Does anyone else think “iron” & “leutein” to themselves instead of spinach & carrots when they’re getting stuff off the salad bar? Is it just me?


  1. CultFit says:

    I usually think: “How many more side does the Whole Foods salad bar really need?” Nice use of succinct … What can I say, I’m a pithy sort of dude. 😉

  2. katie says:

    the morning social media check is such a time suck for me too! where does it go?


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