Choosing Change

Posted: 10/03/2012 in Uncategorized

Happy October Interwebbers! I’ve got change on the brain. AREN’T YOU EXCITED?! It’s like a new hat!

Over the weekend,  and rather unexpectedly, my gym changed up trainers for my 5:30am bootcamp. My initial reaction wasn’t very good, mainly because RESISTANT TO CHANGE will be inscribed on my tombstone – not for anything to do with the trainers, the gym, or the bootcamp itself. It’s just that Change and I stopped getting along some time about first grade and I’ve never forgiven her.  Then there’s her cousin, Sudden Change – she’s the real bitch.  Her, I need to throw down with from time-to-time – and I never know when or where it’s going happen. Oh, and Change-for-Change’s Sake.  WTF is with that? Nonsensical, gibberish-speaking flibbertygibbit, he is. I digress…

 This also threw me for a loop because the people I see before I have my coffee need to be chosen carefully. It’s just good safety. And I really liked working with the trainer I had. So this was a big bummer for me. ‘Resistant to Change’ wanted to stomp around about it for a minute or two. 

When combined with changing up my training plan to rebalance the running back into it*, and some of the changes happening at home, ‘handling change’ was something to mull on over the weekend. Lift the hood on my mood. Kick the tires on my thought process. Make sure I’m looking at these changes in a way that is healthy – because health is as much a mind set as it is a good workout. ‘Resistant to Change’ wanted to stomp around because I hadn’t found a healthy way to think about things yet. And resistance to change is a mind set that has no place at the gym.

You can not stay standing in the same place and make progress at the same time.

Do the thing you’ve always done, get the result you’ve always gotten. This is what we hear all the time, and it’s very applicable in most of life’s decisions. However, in a workout routine, the body adapts. It becomes more efficient.  It gets used to the routine and finds a new state of normal/plateau. The same exercises you always did no longer have the same effect. If you want to get faster, stronger – progress – you have to be willing to mix up your routines a bit. Work in different ways, with different people. Up the weight resistance. Look at your eating habits. Try new exercises & routines. Run sprints, fartleks, hill repeats.  This is part of why I go to a bootcamp and run with a group though I am perfectly capable of hitting the gym & the pavement on my own. Left to my own devices, I struggle with changing my routines. I need someone to push me into the deep end of the pool and shock me into kicking harder. Shock me into change. And once in awhile that change has to come in the form of a new training plan – or a new trainer (in this case, my regular trainer’s usual sub).

This is the healthy thing I needed to remind myself of – that change has the potential to bring a new result if I open myself up to it. If I kick harder – and in the case of bootcamp – punch harder, push-up harder, focus harder.

So far I have survived two bootcamps with the new trainer. I haven’t died from the change. I won’t die from change – unless it’s from green beans to snap peas. Then we have some problems. But I don’t think that applies here.

You have to be willing to change.  Get chummy with it like it’s new underwear. Roll around in change like it’s got that new-money scent. Kick Sudden Change’s ever-changing ass with your supreme awesomeness. Laugh in a Japanese accent at Change-for-Change’s Sake.

Change for the better, the healthier, the progress.

*PR’d the Race for the Cure 10k on Saturday by 69 seconds – that’s 1 whole minute and nine seconds! (And frankly, I had a crappy run. I think it would’ve been better on a day when I was less of a mess.)

  1. Steena says:

    Heyyyy! I like the blog change! I agree change is hard! I am also resistant. It shakes up my world, it makes the hair on my arm stand up. I’ve heard/read that just taking a different route to work is good for the brain, so I imagine change is like that, good for the brain too.
    Glad you’re surviving the changes. Progress will be yours!

    • Thanks! I was getting a little burnt on all that orange. Why not change up the look in here while I’m talking about change? I really like the setup on this one & it reminds me of my bootcamp gym.


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