Race Recap: Race for the Cure 10k + some randoms

Posted: 10/04/2012 in 10k, Race Recaps, Uncategorized
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Just got back from a quick walk on the paths around my work campus. Peeps, sometimes 10 minutes of fresh air in the middle of the workday makes all the difference.

My office has a 4-mile trail (2-mile out & back, pea gravel & hilly) available to employees, in addition to 2 very-affordable gyms, and we’re encouraged to make use of them. It’s a pretty nice perk.  In pre-bootcamp days, I used to make use of the gyms 4xs a week – sometimes twice a day if I needed to lift & run. Now, with more running outside & the bootcamp, I’m usually down there once a week for some treadmill time. Also, I used to make a 3pm walk outside part of my daily routine -but I’ve just been too damn busy lately. Fitting it in today was a pleasant reminder that I need to get that on my daily to-do list again.

Also – today, part of the path was shut down for tree-trimming. I heard a chainsaw and looked up to see a man high-up in a tree at a reasonable distance. Am I the only one to find that whole thing absolutely fascinating? I could watch people cut down tall, dead trees all day long. Maybe it’s the hard hats. A guy can be cutting cucumbers – then put a hard hat on him and all of a sudden it’s a very fascinating thing I want to know all about.

So, Race for the Cure 10k didn’t go well. I PR’d it by 69 seconds, but still – I’m chalking it up to a crappy run.

First, Friday’s bootcamp just left me sore & fatigued. Particularly in my core & quads. We were doing a series – 3xs through – that included 3 minutes of unicycle crunches – so 9 minutes of unicycle crunches in total. If you’re ever really mad at your stomach for something, 9 minutes of unicycle crunches is STILL a cruel & unusual punishment. That is a LOT of unicycle crunches – and it’s not too friendly on the quads either. I knew within an hour of leaving class that I was going to be REALLY sore – not a good sign.

Then I got the call from Nash. She was signed up for the run too, but hadn’t been feeling well all week. Could she run with me? She needed someone to set [slow] pace for her. Even not feeling well, Nash is still faster than I am – so this worried me a little. I’ve mentioned before that where I seed myself & how fast I go out are super-important to me if I want a good race. But what kind of a shit friend would I be to say no? And we had a good run at Color Me Rad together. And I already knew I was sore – odds were not in favor of a good run anyway. Why not at least try it?

And then, I thought – well, 3 easy miles on the treadmill at lunch will help loosen up all that lactic buildup trying to set in from this morning. *head-meet-palm*  This was not a helpful idea.

Saturday morning, I knew before I left that my core had absolutely nothing to give me on this run. My intercostals were sore & fatigued. At mile 1.5 – halfway through the first climb – dead.  Every movement hurt something. My legs felt like lead. I told Nash I needed a walk break. We took a minute interval & decided to try to keep it to one walk break per mile.  At 2.5, I asked for another and told Nash to go ahead as she had finally found a groove (at more than a minute over her usual pace, if that tells you anything – neither of us were in good circumstance for this). 

I managed to make it to 4.5 before I took another interval, but at that point my head wasn’t in it anymore. I had already started wishing that I had signed up for the 5k instead and wondering exactly how bad this run was going to get. At 4.5 we had to run past a water-stop, then double back to it before going into the final mile. Psychologically – I was gone between 4.5 & that water-stop. I had to take a longer interval. I felt defeated. My body was bitching at me to just walk the rest of it. At the water stop, I reminded myself that I have run that last mile of the route many times on my own – I fought to keep a hold on it and barely managed to do so. I felt like absolute shit when I crossed the finish line, though I did manage to do it running and with a 69 second PR.  But not happy at all about it.

Had I made better decisions about training on Friday, I probably would have had a much different run Saturday. I get to own that. Phhfffft. Probably the last 10k of the season too. *sigh*

In comparison – I ran 6 miles last night with the running group. Probably 6.1-ish since my Garmin is a little conservative. We were working intervals, so a 1.8 mile warm-up, 3 loops around a block, then 1.8 miles back. Including stop signs, traffic lights, bad sidewalks, 3 lazy water stops where we actually took time to chat between loops. Ya know – a lot of time wasting opportunities – where I never stopped my Garmin clock. And I finished that run in only 5 seconds more than the Cure run. 

Saturday’s run = not good. Last night’s run = quality mileage.

  1. Steena says:

    Well congrats on your PR!! Yeah, you don’t want to do a hard cross training workout eading up to a race that you plan to run hard at! OOops. Now you know though! I’ve had that feeling during a race too, and that’s when I make a mental shift from race to “Weeeee, running with 1,000 strangers, this is fun!”


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