Race Recap: Reggae Run 5k

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First, some min0r details from the race website:

Run course, bad EKG reading or both?

This is not a course you plan to PR on. NO ONE PR’s THIS COURSE.  Not only does the course feel exactly like it looks – what the description fails to mention is the worst transitions from downhill to uphill occur at <90-degree angles. So you end up coming to almost a stop to turn a corner before you begin into an uphill. The Reggae Run 5k has the reputation for being the worst 5k course in the area. Fortunately, the party afterward is so AWESOME M’ON! that it makes all the pain worthwhile.  Frankly – if there weren’t a lot of beer at the finish – no one would run up that last hill. These people know how to bait & trap runners.

Also fortunately, they only time the first 50 men & women across the finish line. No chip timing for this run – probably because there isn’t much of a point because NO ONE PR’s THIS COURSE. That being said…

This was one of those runs where I could feel all the cross-training I’ve been doing pay off.

I felt REALLY GOOD about how this run went!!

I can’t even say specifically what made it good, but just that it was good. I stayed in control of my pacing & my effort through the whole thing. I was proud of it – which is saying something. I am very good at beating myself up about unfavorable outcomes – so to get to feel proud of a race was a nice treat and was promptly celebrated with much beer, dancing & reggae music. Also, I’d made good training decisions in Friday’s bootcamp – opting to skip the 325 lunges & squats I was supposed to do in favor of keeping my quads & hamstrings in good shape for the hills.

Nash & I ran most of it together – somehow we seemed to find a mutually happy pace and chill out together with it. Chit-chatting along the way. Knowing there was no chip time – I didn’t bother to bring my Garmin either- so no clock pressure from myself either. We stayed together until the water stop at the half-way point, where I took a short break to drink and she ended up about 30 feet in front of me. I had dry mouth at the starting line, so I was ready for aqua. I gave her a thumbs up to go on ahead when she looked back to see where I was – then I gave her a big smile when I caught up to her on the uphill, when we again stayed together for awhile.  It was nice to catch up to her and know that she didn’t expect that  I hadn’t killed myself doing it – no sprinting – just a steady push to make it happen. Again, control. I had control. The talking had stopped though, since we were both huffity-puffing our way up, up, up. 

Finally, I did let her go in the last push when I took a single interval to give my core a break – it was starting to feel shaky.  This was on the last big hill and I didn’t want to upset myself too much – I had a party to go to after! It would just be wrong to have my stomach too upset to have a beer when I got finished, right?!

I picked it up again when I caught sight of our guys cheering us on – can’t disappoint the fans! – and kept it going all the way through to the finish line where I saw the clock time giving me over a 2 MINUTE PR for this course!! (not an overall PR – just a PR on this course) WOW!!!  I don’t know exactly how much of a PR it was because it’s all by gun time, but I do know generally that I’d never finished it under 38 min before and when I pulled up to the chute – someone’s big head was in my way of seeing the clock, so I kept seeing 3?:32, 3?:33, 3?:34… until they finally moved enough that I could see the clock said 35:38 and said to myself  “Self – it would be really nice if you could get this done in under 36.” So I made that happen at 35:50. Which I know sounds absolutely abysmal for a 5k – but trust me – NO ONE PR’s THIS COURSE. It’s not a great time, but it’s not shabby either. Nash ended up being about 3 minutes over what her finish would usually be in a 5k too, so it’s all relative on this one. I’ll happily take my 2+ minute course PR thankyouverymuch.

What was even better than the PR itself, was feeling that good about the way I ran it. I ran it smart, with good control & monitoring of my effort. Good decision making. No crashing.

How lovely it is when that happens.

Now on to the next one: Cyclones Power Play 5k this upcoming Saturday!



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