Packing up the Boys of Summer

Posted: 10/14/2012 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos, Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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Well, baseball season has come to an end here in Cincinnati. The Giants stunned the Reds with an unfortunate loss last Thursday night & my Twitter feed has been flowing with signs that all the favorite players are packing up and heading to their off-season homes. *sigh* It really is Fall now.

Eric & I were fortunate enough to get tickets to two of the three Division Championship games that took place at GABP – including the final game. I have to say, even though we lost, the entire experience was pretty damn cool.  I’ve never seen that many people (over 44k on both Tues & Thurs) in one place, geared out, and cheering their lungs out in unison. Reds fans can make some NOISE!

The Budweiser Clydesdales kicked off the event, followed by hometown boy Nick Lachey singing the National Anthem.

Our FOUR team mascots were auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.

We have no idea what “The Gapper” (left) is supposed to be.

Even Mr. Redlegs doesn’t know.

And just over 44,000 people losing their ever-loving minds about every strike thrown and on every single crack of the bat. This is one angle of the stadium from where we sat, but trust that every angle of the stadium was this packed with crazy Red goodness.

It’s a funny thing to me that I’ve come to enjoy this team so much. Until about 3 years ago, I’d watch a game here or there – get caught up in the story of specific players, but not really take in the team as a whole. Then 2 years ago – we re-did our kitchen and MANY Summer days were spent listening to games on the radio while we stripped, sanded and stained woodwork or ripped out linoleum staples and re-laid tile. When we got done working for the day, and with no kitchen to cook in, we’d go grab and a bite and watch what was left of the game at the bar. I learned a lot, but more significantly, I began to really care. To pay attention.

This past year, I became ‘that’ girl. The one that knows the stories behind many of the players – a few personal facts, whether they’re on a roll or in a slump. Morning coffee at the office was all talk about last night’s game. I missed out on a few girl’s nights to go catch a game with my husband instead – it had become part of our thing that we do – date nights at the ballpark or beers on the corner seat of our favorite pizza joint to talk pitches with bartender Jimmy – a former ballplayer himself.  There was even cross-over into the running group, as running buddies would jockey for position to see the game on TV at post-run beers. The Reds changed from hobby to community for us.

So needless to say, I am sad to see the season come to an end. But I can’t argue that it was one helluva season. Our players were truly amazing this year! My brother was in Oakland for their Division loss and said  that the fans there – despite the loss- gave Oakland’s players a standing ovation as they left the field for the final time of 2012. Honestly, I wish we’d done that here, because our players certainly earned that. But we didn’t, and it’s ended. On to the next thing.

2013 is a way off and the Fall sports beckon. *sigh*


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