Race Recap: Cyclones Power Play 5k

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Interweb, once again I have been duped.

I am sitting here staring at some pulled pork titled “carnitas” and lovely yellow corn. The corn is supposed to be chili-lime flavored. In actuality it has no flavor at all. Lunch cafeteria. *sigh* Somehow they manage to take all the yum out of food. It used to be pretty decent, but they keep reformatting it under the guise of making it healthier.  And I guess they’re successful in that the only thing that is ever adequate anymore is the salad bar. Once in awhile though, I get sucked in by the specter of Mexican yumminess only to fall prey to a mirage. Ugh. Back to the salads…


Shouldn’t have, but I did.

I came in with 8 seconds to spare on the overall time goal I set back in January & with 3 seconds of breathing space on my pace goal for 2012. Somehow, I pulled out a miracle on this race – because it did NOT feel like PR material while I was actually running it. 

The course was relatively flat – only @50 ft in elevation change for the whole thing – most of which is subtle down before the race ends in two short ramps back up. Some people were a little miffed about the uphill end – but that didn’t really bother me – at least not so much as the 2-3 steps (going down) that were inserted in between the two ending ramps. It’s weird to run uphill, up, up, up – STAIRS! – DOWN! (but only for a split sec) – then up, up, up again. The stairs were weird. My quads did not like that & went a little gooey in response.

What did bother me about the course the most was the scenery & the fact that NO ONE was cheering. Crowd support = ZERO. First, while there are a lot of pretty downtown running options, they started us with the first mile & a half going through an unused underground bus tunnel. Yes, you heard me. If this were a halloween run, Okay. But it wasn’t. It was just running through an underground bus tunnel – a cold, gray, concrete place that brought derelicts and dead bodies to mind. That right there is probably why I brought my pace up. The we turned the block out of the tunnel and started through an industrial area that smelled of asphalt for about half-a-mile. Then we got back into the prettier part of town for the last mile.

Not your prettiest course. In fact, it was so boring that my left foot started to fall asleep in mile 2. While running. But again, at least it was flat.

I hadn’t fueled right at all – the race started at 5:30. About 1pm I had a piece of peanut-butter toast when I realized all I’d had so far that day was coffee. Around four-ish, I had most of a can of Chef Boyardee Lasagna (DO NOT JUDGE ME!) with a half-grin at myself knowing that I would probably be tasting it again later. Had to get something in my stomach though. Oh – and when we left the house to go, I chugged half-a-glass of water when I realized I’d also had NO water all day. Serious laziness & bad planning on my part. *head-meet-palm*

So needless to say – with all of that non-fueling & bus-terminally-ness going on – I shouldn’t have PR’d this. And my run did NOT feel like I did – honestly felt like I was running snail pace the whole time – slogging through water or something. I saw my friend Red at the start and the only focal point I kept coming back to was that I did not want her to pass me. Never hit a place where I felt good, though I did find a steady form for most of it & talked myself through the rough patches where I just wanted to walk. I ended up with a stitch in my side for the last 1/2 mile but was going to be damned before I quit at that point.

Then I rounded the last corner – about 30 ft from the finish – and the announcer told me I was moving way faster than I thought. Had I been able to breathe well at that moment, I probably would’ve smiled. 

I’m proud as hell of the PR & of the mental work I did on the course, but I can’t help but wonder how I would’ve done if I’d actually prepped for the race the way I should have. Hmmmm…

Well, I met my goal – once – so I know it’s possible. Now to do it again. (I never really consider a time goal met until I’ve hit it three times. Anyone else like that?)

No races on the horizon officially right now – but I need a 6-miler this weekend and there are 10k’s near me on both days – so maybe…


  1. Steena says:

    CONGRATS!! And WHAT? You PR’ed, OWN that. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t have. You did it, it’s posted online somewhere, it’s your PR!! About the course being boring, this is a good time to scan the runners in front of you and decide who you want to catch up to and pass. This makes it a lot more scenic!

    • swlikeablegirl says:

      Thanks! And that’s a good idea about the scanning – maybe I’ll try that for the 10k I’ve got Sunday if it gets boring.


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