Getting Some Stick On

Posted: 10/17/2012 in Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati

When I got the free entry into the Cyclones 5k, the husband & I had been discussing (a) baseball playoffs and (b) how we were going to juggle our schedules to accommodate parking our asses in front of the playoffs – be it at the game or elsewhere.  We were in a kind of frenzy about it and I think a bit of it had to do with knowing it was coming to an end. I know, I know – it’s over! We lost! Stop writing about it already, wouldya?! But you see, in order to understand the frenzy & sadness, you have to know that the whole time there was a little whispering voice of evil and gall asking:

Whatchya gonna do when baseball’s over?  End of season was taunting us like a wicked bitch.

To which I answered:


The 5k was the pre-quel event for the opening night of @CincyCyclones faceoff against Wheeling. My registration came with one free ticket & we picked up a spare for Eric. After I rocked out my 5k, I changed into some dry clothes which included my Cyclones jersey & game-bound we went.

Yes, I have a Cyclones jersey. No, I don’t didn’t know anything about hockey.

You see, I really like going to hockey games when I go. Men with big sticks & blades on their feet body checking each other? HELL YES! Did I mention I work out at a boxing studio?  I can totally cheerlead for that shizzle. I just don’t go to games that much – like 1 a year. So I don’t know anything at all about the sport. Call it blissful ignorance. Or amnesia from $1 beer nights.

Hockey always has $1 beer nights.

So, the Winter is going to be about following our local hockey team – and learning about the sport.  I’ll probably be blogging about it along the way. Why? Because they’re athletes too – same as runners, triathletes, boxers, ballet dancers, baseball players, etc. Their sport requires a great deal of cardio & strength, just like running. And as part of learning about the sport, I’m curious about their training. 

To get the ball rolling – here’s what I learned so far (in 1 game):

  • Sitting next to a little kid that will dance with you to the dance-cam music is just good fun. Even if little kids are ALWAYS sticky, or about to be sticky.
  • Hockey fans – well, they are a passionate breed. Baseball fans could take some notes here. My personal favorite is the long howl ending in a loud “See Ya!” to the opponent’s players banished to the penalty box.
  • A lot of baseball music is also played for hockey. Hearing “Brass Monkey” (Ryan Ludwick’s batting song) made me misty-eyed.
  • Also, hockey fans are an accommodating bunch – they really don’t care as much about where their seats are. When we realized my sister (& family) were also at the game, my husband batting his baby-blues at two nice ladies got us a seat change so we could sit next to them. The family. Not the ladies. Our seats were SLIGHTLY closer to the ice, so it was to their advantage, but still – I think we would have had a harder time getting someone to change seats with us at GABP.
  • Season-Ticket Guy is the loyalist fan EVER. I mean as in most-loyal, not as in ‘he’s a loyalist’. Gotta be clear. I mean he could be a loyalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I don’t know that. I didn’t ask.
  • Hockey is a MUCH cheaper date than baseball. The Cyclones tickets we got would’ve cost @$13 each and they were row F – as in 6 rows off the ice by a goal.  We usually pay @$20 each for nosebleed tickets in GABP. Then the Cyclones had $1 beer, $1 hot dogs & $1 pizza slices.  If you want to hunt for them, there are $1 hot dogs at GABP, but even the cheap beer is $8. Con: there is no good beer option at hockey. But really, we can be stuffed & drunk at hockey for $10 in concessions. This particular date night – the 5k gave us 2 free beers & 1 free food item – so we got out of there for $4 (in more beer & pizza) + parking.
  • Hockey plays about 3xs a week – as far as I can tell. Not as much as baseball, but not as what? only once a week? as football. I can dig 3xs a week.
  • Finally, we’ll have to do the same hunt for game-watching on TV for hockey as we did for baseball – which means date nights over beers out someplace around town. It’s the little things that keep a marriage happy. And apparently the sticks & bats.

As an aside –

The background on Season-Ticket Guy:  A few years ago, Eric & I went with our band of usual suspects to a hockey game & ended up sitting next to a guy who was seriously decked out for the Cyclones. Face painted. Game jersey. All the gear. Yes, ALL the gear. Of course, since I had my jersey on – the guys made me sit next to him, then they scooted away when we both started a dance-off to get on the dance-cam. Seriously – they moved several seats away and wouldn’t come back.

Season-Ticket Guy & I looked like quite the fan-couple. In conversation, season-ticket guy told me (a) that he had season tickets because he was SUCH A BIG FAN! and LIKED HOCKEY SO MUCH!,(b) no, he didn’t know anyone on the team, and (c) that he was dedicating himself to getting on the dance-cam as many times in a single game as possible. He had a record & a goal to beat it the same way that I set goals for a distance run. He had purpose.

Then it occurred to me that he had seat #1 & I had seat #2. He had season TICKET. Not season ticketS.  Then I started to scoot-away slowly too. Seriously, who buys 1 season ticket? Taking in the big picture of the face paint & the garb & the dance aspirations – I began to understand the not-by-choice lone-wolfiness of my dance partner. He had season ticket & has been entered thus into the logs of history.  

Well, I am happy to report that Season-Ticket Guy is still there. And he has a friend or two now. Or at least I think he does – there was another guy with face-paint & garb there with a girl (an actual girl!) sitting in between them. It could be she was trapped, but I’d like to imagine the Tela-Tubby happiness angle. Oh, and he’s added a kilt to the outfit. It went very well with the Irish jig he did when some jiggy music came on.

I saw it on the dance-cam.

  1. Steena says:

    I’m not much of a sports junkie myself, but YAY HOCKEY and HAPPINESS AND FUN and ALL OF IT!! 😀


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