Posted: 11/09/2012 in Uncategorized

Peeps, there were 210 push-ups in my morning this morning.

Two-hundred and ten. 2-1-0. 210.

Admittedly, they were broken up into 20 sets & I could only get out 35 before my knees came down into the girly version. But still, 210.

Who knew I had that in me?

I’ll also admit that I was abso-frickin-lutely the last one done with that portion of it (I think there were a few people being a little generous with their counting skills or that just quit when they decided they couldn’t finish & moved on to the next combination), but nevertheless, I finished it. In good form.

(For those wondering, our workout consisted of all ’21’s today, where you have two exercises and you alternate between them – starting with 20 of one thing, then 1 of the other; 19 of the first, then 2 of the second – so you ladder down on one exercise while you ladder up on the other. In this scenario – 20 push-ups, 1 military press, then 19 push-ups & 2 military presses, all the way down to 1 push-up & up to 20 military presses. So that every ‘set’ you do adds up to ’21’.)

  1. Steena says:

    whoa, that’s a lot! my arms hurt just reading this post!


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