Race Recap: Thanksgiving Day 10k

Posted: 11/23/2012 in 10k, Race Recaps, Uncategorized
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So last night, as I was finally tucked into bed and drifting off into my post-turkey coma, I was thinking about the pace for my morning 10k. I’d checked my results shortly before bed and my tired mind circled back to it as my pillow was whispering in my ear ‘sleeep, sleeeeeeep’.

Having not run & shaken out my legs in a few days, I decided not to put any pressure on the 10k at all – just get it done. Especially considering that the Thanksgiving Day 10k is much like the Race for the Cure around here – it’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE field for a 10k. More than 18,000 participants HUGE. Crowded with lots of walkers and strollers that have no idea about run etiquette. It was a good guess that I would spend a lot of my run going sideways around groups of walkers. So I decided I was just going to deal and run slow and not worry about all of these people I was going to have to pass. And if I get held in place behind walkers, then I would just jog in place behind them until a pass opportunity opened up.

They were there to have a good time with family, at a family run, on a family holiday. I would have a good time too.

Instead of getting frustrated, I would channel some of my triathlete friends and look for good feet in front of me to pace myself with – now mind you, they use ‘fast feet’ for swimming, but I decided to make it work for running. And change ‘fast’ to ‘good’. Let’s be realistic here.

I was going to be distracted by dogs and children and costumes – and probably forget all about listening to my internal dialogue. 

I had no plan at all for this route – which involved 3 bridges that I strongly dislike running. So I made a plan on the fly as I went into mile 2 – basically the same as I used for the Greak Human Race 10k – get to the halfway point without intervalling and call it a win there. Do whatever it takes to get you to the finish line after that. And much like the GHR 10k, I watched miles 4, 5 & 6 tick by as I was still running along – breaking only twice, once to walk up the last (& worst) of the bridges and again shortly before the finish when I winded myself somehow. I let myself be happy with how I did even though I needed to walk those two times.

But my sleepy brain paid no mind to that. It didn’t beat me up for not PRing the thing, or for even close to PRing the thing. It pulled the thread of one small detail from 2011 and pushed that right up front next to my turkey time –

that with the decided slow running, and the dodging around things, and the walking the last bridge –

2012’s totally relaxed 10k pace beat out 2011’s stressful 4-miler pace PR by 3 whole seconds.

And it let that bit of bliss sink in.

15 months of hard work turned a hard struggle into an afterthought

marked evidence of improvement

that this body is getting better, faster, stronger all the time


  1. Steena says:

    Well WooHoo! Good to be reasonable with goals in a crowded race like that. If you want to run for a PR, you gotta start closer to the starting line. But dodging things, you got some extra calorie burn, right?

    • I’m not where I belong anywhere near a start line yet at my white-knuckling a steady 10:30 pace. LOL! I was just happy to have some patience with it. I have a nasty habit of going out too fast & crashing – especially trying to clear crowded starts – that I finally seem to be getting under control. YAY for pace control!


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