What are you writing today?

Posted: 12/06/2012 in Uncategorized

So, I’m not even going to bother telling you what trash I was watching. It’s bad, it’s embarrassingly 1994ish, and I watch way too much TV. True story. I like to have it on in the background while I’m doing nothing other things. This results in me watching a lot of crap – several times over as reruns are the easiest to ignore.

In this event, it was an inspirational episode of teen angst centered on creativity, individuality and censorship with a question that stuck out to me:

What are you writing today? Of course, there was some drama on the show with yesterday’s assignments being thrown out a window to move the plot along. Lucky me, I don’t have a plot to move along, because seriously, who’s going to pick up all that paper?

Nevertheless, the question struck a nerve. Mainly because, almost every single day, something I want to write about comes to mind. I love to write – have always loved to write.  But then I get busy. Or I think to myself, what does that have to do with a fitness blog? So I end up leaving it there, in the air, unwritten.  Or it comes out in this long data-dump of a post. Who has time for that? Either to read it or to write it.

But the question also struck a nerve because, and I mentioned this before, I’ve been in a flux with whether I wanted this blog to focus solely on fitness, or if I wanted to open it up to other things. I believe good health isn’t just about the gym – it’s about the balance that you find everywhere in your life and the choices you make about all the things. So doesn’t everything have a home here? But will people still be interested if I’m writing about my love of wool socks instead of my determination to gain more endurance at mountain climbers? This is a serious question for me.

And I think I’ve finally come to a decision I have peace with. I know, this is fascinating.

First off, I just bought myself my first really nice camera. No bells or whistles, but it whirrs and has multiple lenses and lots of buttons – and well, I haven’t gotten all the way through the manual yet so it could actually have bells & whistles. I don’t know.  Not that I’m a good photographer or have any aspiration of being a professional – but I want to know more about photography and work on being a good photographer.  I love good pictures. Part of being healthy for me right now is bringing out my creativity more – in pictures and in writing – and I want that definition of healthy to have a home in the blog world.

Also, I want to have a home for whatever I want to write to have a home in the blog world. Fiction. Non-fiction. Poetry. Whatevah. Some of that will belong over here and some of it won’t. It’s important to me that the poetry and fiction not get confused with things I write about my actual life.  Also, I can’t be worried about writing what people want to read – which has been a concern – I need to write what I want to write, even if that means I’m the only one looking at it. I’m grateful for the follows and the traffic that come to this site (THANK YOU!), but first & foremost, I have to want to come to this site.

So peace for me, means two blogs. This one and another one that has a more creative focus. Odds are I’ll start with some photos over here and then put more of them on a subject in the other blog – so that people who want to see more can do that, but it doesn’t get overwhelming on this one when I’m really into macro shots of bees. (It’s happened before.) All the creative writing will happen over there, and I’ll pick and choose the location of my ‘life’ writing based on where I think it belongs – odds are that most of it will end up here.

I’ve been in progress of setting up my creative space for a bit – started it and then sat on it.  I’ll make it public and link to it here when I’m ready to open it up.


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