Playing with the new camera – Redsfest 2012

Posted: 12/15/2012 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos, Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-1600, 25mm, no flash, from behind glass

f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-1600, 25mm, no flash, from behind glass

Taken from a skywalk over Redsfest 2012 and from behind a wall of glass.  Already posted this one to Twitter but wanted to share over here.

Picked up the husband & I some tickets to Redsfest to get us a little taste of baseball in the off-season.  As I let the decision-making of Friday night sink in, I decided this would be a good opportunity to test the new camera. My entire purpose was just to see what kind of clarity I had on the images and basically, just get a little practice handling the camera. I’m not used to having to be conscientious about how I pick up a camera or pulling a lense cap on & off. Just the weight of the thing and the way I need to hold it is a big change from the p&s’s I’ve always had prior.

Was extremely pleased with most of the auto-settings, with one exception and that was the flash. It wanted to be going off, and I thought the pictures looked better without it on. I’m not a big fan of using a flash so far. Thankfully my camera has an easy toggle on it where I can turn off the flash and leave everything else in auto mode.

Overarching lesson learned:

Anyone who sees you carrying a camera that’s bigger than theirs will automatically assume you can take better pictures than they can. With their camera.

Some other shots I liked:


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