Running all waffley-style & some other stuff on craving laughter

Posted: 01/23/2013 in Uncategorized

Peeps, as I write this, there is so much cold-running gear stuffed in my gym bag that it looks like I’m packed for vacation. Yipes!  I’ve got running group on the calendar tonight  for 5-6 miles of hill repeats and it’s going to be all of 25-degrees out there, possibly snowing. 

And somewhere in the back of my mind there is this little voice – actually it’s more like a finger – not *that* finger – and it’s pointing to the treadmill a mere 2 floors away from where I’m sitting. Then it whispers – so I guess there’s a voice AND a finger – and it says “What have you got to prove with this cold stuff? You just ran out there Monday – when it was even colder! C’mon. Just stay on the nice warm treadmill today.”

I’m sure a few of you can sympathize. I don’t think you can effectively duplicate hill repeats on a treadmill, but it is a very tempting proposition that finger is offering. I’m waffling. Come 5 o’clock, I’ll make a decision. No need to figure it out right now. Did I mention that I’ll be changing into cold-gear in the lockerroom – near all the treadmills?

Monday it was only 19-degrees when I headed out. If I were going to point towards a “can-do” moment of the week (on Wednesday), I think I’d throw Monday’s run into the ring as a nominee.  The fast group was going to meet up at 6:30p for a 7-miler. Being much slower than they are, and off work early – I thought I’d get an early start & take advantage of the last strings of dusk.  The 7-miler looped back close to the start point, so I figured I’d do the back half of the loop – meet up with the group – and then do part of the front of the loop as best I could with them. So off I went…

Despite my layering, I was having problems feeling my fingertips after the first half-mile and told myself that if I hit a mile without feeling my fingertips, I was heading back. So essentially, I gave myself permission to quit the run right from the start. I got stopped at a busy intersection, which I guess gave my blood time to circulate better, but after that stop, my hands felt better – so I decided to keep going. Did 2 miles and looped back into the meetup spot to find the group about to head out – a very small pack of the really fast people. I was going to be looking at their asses pretty quickly – and then they’d disappear – and I’d be alone the rest of the way. Dark, very cold & alone. What kinda party is this?

I told myself to go up to the top of the street with them- about another 3/4 mile – and then turn back.  Okay to quit again, okay? Except then I didn’t. Despite all my permissions to quit on myself, I couldn’t argue with the fact that pace-wise, I was having a great run! Comfortably holding on to last year’s 5k PR. I made another route adjustment to bring me back to start about the time I’d hit 5-miles, and I was okay with that.  Running 5-miles – WELL – after giving myself permission to quit about 16-bazillion times on a kinda-challenging route is a win. I’ll take it.

Also, I realized on that run that my Garmin interval chirps have faded into background – which is also a win. Ever since I’ve given up intervalling, I’ve left my Garmin set to 3:1 intervals so I have a disciplined Plan B in the event I hit a rough spot & need to interval.  Then I either ignore it completely or use it as a motivational tool – ‘Come on Cynthia! By the time that 3 min beep hits, you’ll be at the top of that next hill! Don’t let go!’. Monday, I noticed that I wasn’t even really hearing it anymore. Because it’s a given that I’m not intervalling. Not intervalling is the habit now. Yay Me! So, that’s the can-do.

On another front – Yoga Teacher Training session 2 (of 11) finished up last weekend. Holy-sore-arms Batman! We spent a significant time doing range of motion arm exercises wherein about 10 different people aggressively felt up my shoulder sockets. By about person #5 – I was all OUCH! Except that I didn’t say that. I just sucked it up.

But I did have a great conversation about Laughter Yoga (yes, there’s such a thing) with a fellow student there – and I didn’t want to let it pass without writing it down. Mostly because I’m still thinking about it.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, laughter.  I just do it, I don’t really think about the why. It’s reflexive. I understand that it’s situationally appropriate in that ‘don’t laugh during eulogies’ way – but, at work for instance, hearing laughter coming out of someone’s cube is a pretty big cue that they aren’t working – which is frowny – but at the same time, we’re all turning around going ‘what are you laughing at? what’s funny?’ because we want to laugh too. We seek out laughter. We crave it. We go to romantic comedies and sing along with funny songs. It’s why cat pictures take up half the interweb. Why do we need to seek out a feel-good thing that comes to us so naturally anyway? Then we simultaneously frown at it, try to repress it. So many things we’re not “allowed” to find funny even though they’re absurd because it would be rude, intrusive. Because we aren’t supposed to. Weirdness. All of it.

I don’t know if that makes a bit of sense at all. Like I said, more than anything I just wanted to document the conversation so that I can come back to it later. Give it more thought on where I’m going with that. When something strikes me as really funny, I have one of those big room-sized laughs that attract a bit of attention, so maybe the topic of censuring laughter is a little bit closer to home for me than some. If I think of a better way to phrase what I’m reaching for with the topic, I’ll come back to it later.


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