Reworking the plan, yet again…

Posted: 02/11/2013 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to Monday Blog People!

I’m in a bit of a weird headspace today, although, if I’m being honest, is it ever really normal up there in the skullcap? Hmmm…is it? Oh. I like you all so much!

I’m feeling focused and happy. Getting quite a bit done so far and it’s only 10:30.

First off, I’m finally starting to feel like a real girl again. Had a little boxing match with the flu and I lost the round. Four solid days on my butt with chills and NASTY muscle/joint pain. Luckily, I side-stepped anything digestion related – just had no appetite, but as an athlete, I think the aches and twinges and cramps in my muscles were almost worse. I’ve now got 3 bootcamps and 2 runs under my belt since I started to perk up – so far, so good. Appetite is slowly coming back. Can probably start ramping the running back up again. YAY!!! 

Especially YAY!!! since Run the Bluegrass is officially 6 training weeks (+ 1 taper week) away. Blogpeeps – I am SO NOT PREPARED.  Trying to do too much between Yoga Teacher Training, and switching over to the marathon training group, and bootcamp…you know what they say…try to do everything well and you end up doing nothing well. Well. Yeah. That’s about how it’s going. Not well.  I am way off my training plan, with my furthest distance in the past 6 weeks a pidly 6.3 miles. BUT…BUTBUTBUT…here’s where I think there’s a silver-lining in the flu. It gave me a chance to sit my ass down, get some rest, and re-focus my run thinking. Get happy again. I’d kind of watched the happy slide off into the ditch, but I think I’ve found it again. I train better when I’m happy. This is what I learned last Summer.  The fact that I am newly happy to be well, and be running, does convince me that I still have plenty of time to get some quality training in and have a good run at the end of March.

Sidebar: I want to mention, Runnerpeeps, Run the Bluegrass has had an AWESOME ramp up to their run. AWESOME! I’ve not seen anything like it before. They’ve set up tours of thoroughbred horse farms & bourbon distillery tours – all just there for the signing up! Some complimentary, some with a cost – but none of them expensive. Their social media campaign has me incredibly excited about the run and the weekend. Consider taking a look at it if 13.1’s interest you.

The other thing that is changing up is the morning bootcamp in my routine. I wrote back in October that there had been some changes made to the program and I’m just not happy with how things are now (part of the reason happy slid off into a ditch). After a little bit of drama on Friday between me and the trainer (we didn’t even speak to each other this morning), it’s time to let that go. He’s a really good-hearted person, but I am a piss-poor training match for his style. A thing that makes me intensely sad because it’s the perfect time slot, literally 3 minutes from my house, and for more than a year I had great results with it. But I haven’t really progressed since October, and nothing in the foreseeable future is going to change with that class, which means it’s time for a new plan. *sigh*

On the up-side – the upheaval in routine will create some space for new things. I’m still paid into bootcamp for a month, so I have some time to get a new schedule in place & play around a bit. I’ve scheduled a training session with the trainer that I really liked (& had mass progress with (the prior bootcamp instructor)) for tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I have some options for other resistance training classes already in place. Probably the reason for the happy factor. I like having part of a plan formulated already. Moving the resistance training around a bit might open up more space for yoga, and get my legs some quality recovery time between runs. 6 weeks out to 13.1 probably isn’t the ideal time to craft a new training schedule, but it may actually be helpful. Ya never know. I know if I’m happier, that is definitely helpful. So, focus on the happy.

If my trainer asks what I want to do tomorrow, would it be weird if I just said “I want to have fun. Now please kill me.”?


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