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An ode to the vintage American diner.

Tuckers is about a block and a half from Findlay Market, on a *rough* block. The kind of *rough* block where you don’t have your purse in sight and you wonder how much damage the graphite handle on your umbrella can do if you start swinging it like a bat. The renovations going on in Over The Rhine haven’t quite reached Tuckers yet, and it is not the kind of place you would fantasize about.

Except that as soon as Maine asked if Eric & I wanted to meet her supercute family down at Findlay Market for an afternoon Mardi Gras celebration, my thoughts immediately went to the Greek Omelete at Tuckers.

Maybe, if we head down early, we can make time for breakfast at Tuckers…then go to the market…right, hon?

We do not go to Tuckers nearly often enough.

The Greek Omelete is fantastic. It is just the right amount of omelete, paired with home fries and fruit, and pretty good coffee.  Tucker’s ambience – a throwback to the old fashioned diner. There is a counter lined with stools with a single row of booths directly across from it. All walks of life fill every single seat. Over Eric’s shoulder there is a foursome of older folks, a bit of affluence exuding from them though they’ve attempted to mute it. Two college girls with the scent of old party on them walk in. We are the middle class couple in the booth by the door – I have my camera out & Eric is checking his cell phone while we wait on our food. Behind me, speakers alternate between big band and bluegrass.  A big neon clock hangs on a bright purple wall at the back, adjacent to the open kitchen behind the bar.

They’re out of the Greek omelete, but it doesn’t really matter because whatever I get is going to be good. I opt for the huevos rancheros, and have chosen wisely. The perfect amount of heat in the chorizo. Both sour cream & guacamole served on the side. The large tortilla underneath the whole affair is still crispy. Yum!



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