Stand up, sit down, run around and round and round…

Posted: 03/18/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized
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…and do all of that at the same time if you please.


There has been a whirrrrrlwind of activity going on around me! I mentioned that I’d had more time for ideas than writing lately, and that’s because a lot has been going on. I have updates! So, in other words, this post is going to be part data dump and part trying to keep up with my own bad self. Come keep me company…

First – I got the date for my very first student-teaching yoga class!! YAY!! April 21st, here I come! Except wait! That’s only a month to get my plan for a class together. Can I do it? Am I ready? We’ll still have a couple weeks of learning to do that I haven’t done yet! Honestly – some days, I feel like I could just drop in and teach a yoga class right that moment without a plan ahead of anything. Other days The Shy kicks in and asks me “what the heck? are you really going to get up in front of people and do this?”. Yes, Shy. Suck it up. It’s going to happen.

Mostly though, I’m genuinely excited. I know how great I feel when I’ve gotten some time in moving my body – and honestly, I think I respect my body the most wherever it’s at in a given day – when I’m doing yoga. You meet the mat where you’re at – and it’s always accepting of that. The idea of sharing that self-respect with other people thrills me.

Second – 2 weeks ago, I asked if I could bring my camera to our yoga teacher training and do a creative exercise in photography. I got the green light, and to make a long story short – I put an album of photos out into the world for more than just my friends to see. Putting creativity out in the world like that – for me – ACK! People might see my stuff! They might actually have opinions about my photos! Holy heck, WHAT AM I DOING? It’s a freak-out festival, foh shure.

Not that I really expected anyone to point, laugh and say YOU SUCK! – but…well, I did kind of expect that too. Just nicer. I kinda wanted to go ostrich and put blinders on and cover my ears. Ya know, just in case I was wrong about liking them myself. So I wouldn’t feel the bazinga-sting of being ridiculously wrong.  But Saturday – two of the girls in yoga class told me how much they really liked the photos! And that didn’t count the likes on Facebook. They like me! They really like me! One said she’d gone through them several times, she liked them so much. VALIDATION!!! Yay! (I’m stopping here to hug myself for a second. (No, that’s not a metaphor.))

So anyway, that was a really good thing and I’m pretty happy about it. Especially, since I have a few other events on the horizon to go play photobug.

Now, for things that aren’t going so well…

Running plan for Run the Bluegrass = stuck on the Bridge to Nowhere.  There just hasn’t been any time at all to get the higher mileage in. And it’s only a half. A 13.1. Grrr. The furthest I’ve run to date is 8.74 miles and my hips and ankles (which don’t usually bother me) were a bit cranky afterward.  That was a 3-mile jump in distance too. Seriously – no time for the mileage. Been struggling to make 2 runs a week happen steadily and anything over 6 and I can’t even fathom carving it out of the day.

Can I do the 13.1? Yes. I can get it done. The very first half-mar I did, I only trained to 8 miles – and then I had no idea what I was doing. Now…I know more. I’m a better runner. I KNOW I can finish 13.1 tomorrow if I have to. But do I want to? Should I? I went into this for a fun run – no time pressure – just to see the pretty horses and spend a nice weekend with my husband.  If I push for the half – will I still be able & wanting to do anything else? I’ve signed us up for 2 horse farm tours. There’s also a distillery tour we want to take and an aviation museum to peruse. Will I want to do all that walking? There’s a 7-mile option available also. I’m seriously considering downgrading, owning up to the fact that my other interests have taken the priority right now. I don’t really have to make a choice until the expo, I guess.

Also, I think I’ve managed to tear a muscle in the front of my shoulder. You know, the one you use when you pump your arms on hills. ICK. At some point, I will surrender to the fact that I suck at arm balances. Need to work on them a lot more. Trying to learn a new one, without enough prep work on it, did a bad, bad thing to my shoulder on Saturday morning. Then I went and did about 30 vinyasas (yes, 30) on it yesterday. It hurts. A lot.

Which completely sucks double suckiness because the trainer I really, really like is back to teaching my morning boxing/bootcamp. So I’m back to the 5:30am thing. Or I was. Twice. And really happy about it. Until I had to skip it today because, well – OUCH. You really can’t throw a good hook without a healthy deltoid. Or a lot of pain. You choose. I chose to sleep in today. So…now I’m supposed to work on vinyasas hardcore for the next month with a bum left shoulder. *sigh*

At least I’ll have a week of vacation at the end of this month to figure it all out – and catch up – and slow down – all at the same time. Sooo looking forward to that.

Tell me peeps, what should I do? what should I do? 7, 13.1?

  1. See how you feel in a week, but be happy with the decision. If you run seven and hit a good time it is still an accomplishment as opposed to running 13.1 with a time nowhere near what you are used to…plus you ruin any chance of having a great time on the tours if you feel pissy about your performance. Good luck!

    • That’s what I was thinking – I don’t really have to make a decision until I get to the expo. But – having done another almost 8-miler last night, I think I made my decision. It’s sad that I couldn’t get prepped for 13.1 with the HUGE allotment of time I gave myself – but I’d rather have a solid 7 than a crappy 13 – and get to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Although, the distillery tour may take away any pain I’m feelin’. 😉


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