Proof of existence – putting on my pimp hat…let’s pretend this never happened

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So, last night was one of those nights where surreal meets real. 

You see, my internet family (that’s you) is a bit surreal to me (that’s me). How I can not only be friends with, but get support from,  a group of people which are spread across the globe, most of which I have never met, and most of whom I will never meet, is fascinating stuff to my analytical brain.

Seriously, when I get up at 4:35 in morning to dress for bootcamp – and put a tweet out there, or read other athletes lacing up for workout, it’s like we’re in it together. A community. That ‘good morning!’ back that early says ‘You’re not alone. We’re both doing this.” Somehow – it makes the effort easier. Somehow special.

You early morning workout tweeters – I love you. You mid-day lunch scavengers – I love you. You gotta go get coffee now desperate clutch on the mug – gers (not muggers, I can’t love the muggers. I’m agnostic.) tweeting out your java love – I love you. You’re my tribe.  Same goes for bloggers and facebook groups – we’re community. A family of sorts – but the good kind of family that never visits and usually doesn’t judge. My tribe. You’re all incredible (that’s you again).

Buuuuuuut…there’s always that little niggling in the back of the head that says…are those real people out there? Maybe this is like the matrix. 

I am soooo completely digressed…get there Cynthia! Last night, I got to meet surreal.

Jenny Lawson, aka “The Bloggess” – She’s NOT THE MATRIX!!! She’s real! I met her at her book signing at Joseph-Beth yesterday and she’s totally, awesomely real. (I checked for power cords when I walked around the back and she didn’t have any sticking out of her, so I’m sure. 100% human!) (Wait. She could be wifi.)(But I don’t think so. There was no humming, whirring or buffering. And I was standing pretty close.) (So, human. Definitely human.) (Don’t quote me on that.)

Anywaaay…J-Blo…that’s what I call her now, came to Cincinnati on her tour for “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” – her memoir. Which I haven’t read. Embarrassing to admit, but I haven’t. I love her blog…if you don’t read her blog, you should totally go do that (you, again). Then her book came out and I was going to buy her book, but then I had this moment where I was all ‘wait, what if she tours again, I should wait and see if she tours’ and then I wanted to wait for the paperback, but then I didn’t want to buy the paperback before the tour, because you know, if I did then that would jinx her coming to Cincinnati. So essentially, it was for you all that I didn’t buy the book until last night. At the tour. To get Jenny Lawson to Cincinnati. Jinx-free. You’re welcome. *breeeathe*

Jenny is not only 100% human – she is 100% AWESOME! She’s in person, exactly what you would think based on her writing. Gracious. Funny. Humble. Cusses more than I do. Added to my girlcrush list.

Somehow she managed to keep a smile through a VERY, VERY LONG line of people and be charming to me even though I was towards the back of the line and it was growing late.  And I got to say something I have wanted to say to her – a THANK YOU for being such an open advocate for depression and mental illness.  I’ve never experienced either of those myself – to my knowledge – but Jenny Lawson’s frank discussion of her personal battles and humorous advocacy for our human struggles has helped me understand and have more compassion for those to whom, as she would say, “depression lies”.


I’ll also mention, that Joseph-Beth does author visits pretty frequently. I’ve seen another of my writing heroes – Jon Katz – there. If you’re local to me, or one of their locations, you should check out their events calendars. They do some nice readings and signings. And they have a bar.

  1. This is so great! I am a long-time lurker of many blogs and just recently have become more “active.” It is nice to know that “you people” are just as great in person as you seem through words! Sounds like a fun night!


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