Somewhere in the Ballpark

Posted: 04/04/2013 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos, Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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Peeps, this is where I offer you my most humble apology.

Because baseball season has started, and I made it down to the Reds game last night. Which means the gratuitous posting of views from my seat have started.  Good, bad, blocked by bald spots taller than me, behind the dugout, far far into the upper decks. It doesn’t matter because I don’t care too much where we sit. Usually taken with my cell phone – which is actually & surprisingly a pretty good camera. Nevertheless, it’s begun.

Last night, bundled up into heavy-duty longjohns, huddling under a nice wool blanket, and sporting my Reds earwarmer from Redsfest pulled over my baseball cap, I took in my first game of the season at Great American Ballpark. Clutching a beer and some hot dogs too. If you’re gonna do the ballpark, you gotta do it with tradition & style*.

For what it’s worth – I clapped A LOT – also, once I realized that clapping with gloves on makes almost no worthwhile noise, I started whistling A LOT. Sorry about that. (Not really, I’m a pretty good social-event whistler.) Also, I may have accidentally “wooo’d”. But really I was trying to “Hooo!” when J.J. Hoover came up to pitch, and then realized it probably sounded like a “wooo” & I shut it down with the quickness.  If the “wooo” takes hold again, well – still don’t blame that on me because there is always that one 20-something year old guy down in the 100 level that keeps doing it over and over again who is completely louder than anyone else and too drunk/big for his friends (who are laughing at him, not with him) to attempt a successful takedown to stuff his wrongly used rally towel in his wooo-hole. (Did I really just write wooo-hole?) Not that I found it abominally obnoxious or anything. *sigh* *breathe*

I really don’t like the wooo.

Also, it will not surprise me if there is a wooo-related homicide at GABP this season. Not that I’ll have anything to do with that.

I digress…

So anyway – it was AWESOME! to back in the ballpark – anywhere in the ballpark! In a few short weeks, the temperature will change and the gloves will come off, so the clapping will get louder. The long-johns will get changed out for tank-tops. I’ll go from huddling under a blanket sandwiched between two of the best people I know to wishing there were some empty seats around us to give us space in the 90+ degree heat. The weather will change, as will the opponents. But what won’t change is the smile on my face –

and the fact that we’ve got one HECK OF AN AWESOME TEAM this year!! YEAH!!! GO REDS!!

*dark mustard & relish


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