Posted: 04/11/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized

Cell phone picture taken on a very sunny day.



We joke that this dog is part lizard because of the way he will sprawl, lounge & nap in any bit of sunbeam he can find – preferring to lay on the patio pavers, or out in the grass, in the blazing noon-day sun and heat long after many dogs would have dug themselves a hole in a shady spot. We’ll offer opportunities to come in, get some shade, cool down. He will just raise his head – blink at us slowly – and think at us:  Um. no. I’ll stay here. But thank you.  Because he is a very civilized and well-mannered dog. He always says thank you with a lick or a burp or a lean.

He’s almost 10 years old and quite possibly the best dog on the entire planet. 

Trained as an expert at frisbee-catching and acting as the 10:00pm town cryer. He went through a 4-5 YEAR period where he wouldn’t eat his kibble unless he got a hug first. (We blame that on the German Shepherd we had.) He was completely housebroken at 12-weeks old – when we’d only had him for 2 weeks.

And he’s in surgery today for a a minor little issue which should be totallyfine and nobigdeal and everythingwillbeokay. We’ll take care of that and clean his teeth and trim his nails and spiff up his ears. Just a little sedation and he’ll probably wake up with a headache.

I do not like the idea of me being sedated. The idea of him being sedated makes me itch.

I don’t care what kind of human you are, when your dog is in surgery, you can’t quite find that normal feeling inside your skin.  Please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day jumping out of mine.


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