The things I say to myself

Posted: 04/15/2013 in Uncategorized
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The things I say to myself on day such as this are that I will never understand why what has happened in Boston happened.  My mind doesn’t work in a way that lets it understand how parties unknown could set up bombs in a cheering crowd – and other places.

I remind myself that I don’t have all the details. We don’t know what we don’t know yet. The story is still unfolding. Don’t judge. Don’t assume. Don’t jump to conclusions. Wait.

That we are lucky in America that this is such a shock, because in other lands, it is the norm to go through the horror and confusion and waiting and loss.

I remember to be grateful that the people that are safe, are safe. To be grateful that technology lets us track runners and lets them communicate rapidly with families that they are okay.

I tell myself to reach out with the heart to those that are not okay. And whose families and loved ones are not okay.

Remember, I say, that this day started out with 20,000 people trying to put good out into the world – achievement, honor, charity…20,000 people wanting to do GOOD THINGS.

That the number of good people in the world far outnumbers those who would do harm.

That good will prevail.

That people are inherently good, and that good will prevail. It simply has to. Boston, my heart goes out to you.


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