Chasing Light; Run the Bluegrass: Donamire Farm Tour

Posted: 04/16/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized
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So, I scheduled this post on Sunday night, in the wee hours.

Last night and this morning I asked myself if I should delay it – this one and the one I scheduled for Thursday. The last two posts from the Run the Bluegrass series – at least I think they’re the last two. Would it be insensitive? rude? To post about another race – and beautiful events surrounding it so soon after Boston? I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to decide your own opinion of that.

What I do know is that running – identifying myself as a runner – not as “someone who runs” because I’m too slow or somehow not good enough to be a runner, I’ve gotten over all self-negative B.S. – but identifying myself as a RUNNER has changed my life. It is part of the lens through which I view the world. I like to see the world from the pavement and notice details, colors, smells of places that I wouldn’t catch driving by. I like to think about traveling to runs. I have traveled to runs – albeit not many, but it’s something I plan on doing even more in the future. And while I’ll probably never qualify for Boston, I have dreamed about going there to be in the crowd and cheer.

Lexington is the most recent run I traveled to. To see the farms from the ground. To have a lovely weekend with Eric. To breathe all of that beautiful air with my runner’s lungs.

I can’t help but worry about how Boston’s events are going to impact the decisions that people make when they choose races in the future. Is that one big enough to attract…attention? Should I encourage my loved one’s to come cheer me on? Maybe we should leave the kids at home instead of take them to see mom or dad cross the finish line? Should I be afraid? How mad am I that I’m afraid to do this thing I love and work hard for, that I’ve dreamed of? Am I mad enough to risk my life?

All that thinking to be done. *sigh*

Lexington is the last “away” run I’ll have had when I didn’t have to pick and choose what part of that thinking I wanted to do. Lexington is light and good and the reason that I’ll still travel to runs, to see cities in ways that I can’t see any other way. To accomplish things I didn’t know I could do. This is the reason that the running community will prevail in goodness over the tragedy of Boston. Because we understand light. The sunrises and sunsets that we view from beads of sweat stinging our eyes. The light from the clock at the finish line. The light within that shines so bright when we’ve gotten where we’re going, achieved what we’ve attempted. The light in our loved ones eyes when they see us come down the final stretch.

We understand chasing light.

So, from the Lexington trip, a little light. Because right now, we need all the light we can catch.

Sunlight on the beams and the big beautiful doors at Donamire Farm.


Broodmare barn. New foals usually arrive between mid-January and end-of-May.


This little dude belongs to her vvv. 4-5 weeks old.


Heartbroken Hill


First-years out playing in the pasture. We’ve been advised not to pet them b/c they’re “bitey”.


The last post from the Run the Bluegrass series will go on as scheduled on Thursday.


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