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In my commitment to being honest on my blog, and generally an honest person in this life, I’ll say this:

Odds are that if I read your blog, you’ve gotten a weird response from me.

At least once.  But probably more.

Same goes for FB & Twitter. I respond…oddly…sometimes.

Mainly because I crack myself up. It’s not a thing I expect other people to understand. So I guess what I’m saying is that if I’ve written you a comment on your blog that made you cock your head to the side and say ‘hmmm…let’s save this one for the ‘in case I disappear and Special Agent Gibbs needs to search my computer  to figure out suspects file’ (I can’t be the only person that has one of those, right?) – the comment was really addressed to me – to crack me up and I didn’t expect you to get the joke… that was written to myself…on your blog  – which probably just makes it that much more weird.

Which also makes it even more incredibly AWESOME when people do get it! Guess what – you’re weirdos too!! I like you so very much! You have nice hair.

Anyway, once in awhile I write a weird comment somewhere –  Like this one:

Dear Jamie B-,
Thank you for winning the soap giveaway.

At first, raspberry poppyseed soap seemed like an amazing new concoction that I could not live without – and that I really hoped to win for free because then I would get a cool box from Lauren, and also because I am cheap about spending on the girly-girl things.

But then I thought – will poppyseed juice soak into my pores? Can poppyseed soap make me fail a drug test? Will airport drug dogs bite me? Not that I’ve ever actually had to take a drug test or pet an airport drug dog – but ya know, just in case there would be that one random day in my 38-years of days that someone would say – hey you – go pee in this – and then I would be all “Really! It was the poppyseed soap!” and they would be all “Your fired.” or “Sorry about that chunk not in your leg anymore”. So I got concerned. But still intrigued. But now, you won the drug soap. So me = totally relieved. Yay!

Thank you and good luck with the dog!
~Girl who does NOT smell like raspberries or the Land of Oz

In case you can’t guess, Lauren gave away fancy soap from these lovely people. Also, I didn’t win it. Also some more, Lauren encouraged me to write a letter – not necessarily about my jubilation at being a loser – wait…well, okay – but a letter – which as we now know, was kind of to Lauren, probably more to me, and not really at all to Jamie B. But still, to Jamie B, ’cause – good luck with the dogs Jamie.  I really am afraid for you.

As a sidebar, the whole letter-writing thing may be more addictive than poppyseeds for me, because now that I am writing this, I really need to add write two more letters to this.

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for posting that picture of Ryan Gosling. It’s really helped my week.

This one should  just stop there.


And another:

Dear Green Barn Soaps,

Please do not sue me. It is not my intention to imply that your poppyseed soap may get people attacked by police dogs.  Rather, I am an analyst for a living – so you should probably take pity on me in that people pay me to really overthink things a whole lot as a profession. I probably single-handedly validate your belief in aroma-therapy for stress-relief. Not that you believe or don’t believe in aromatherapy. I’m not implying that or not not-implying that either. But you make products that are supposed to smell good- so really, it’s not much of a leap.

Also, if I wash someone’s mouth out with raspberry-poppyseed soap, would it taste good? Not that I would ever do that to a person – or taste it myself just to get the answer to that question – but would it?


Again, please don’t sue me. Cynthia.

So what does this all have to do with the price of eggs in China, Cynthia?! Nothing. Except that well, sometimes life just pokes you and laughs about it.  As I mentioned earlier, I was checking a couple of running calendars for upcoming 5ks I might be interested in and ran across (ran across…running calendar, hahaha – get it?)

Matt’s 5k. Knew nothing about it. Never heard of it. Except that it is the only race this weekend where the timing is right for me and it’s going to be on the exact same course I ran a week ago for the RRR5k. That one I did with two weeks of no running at all and one week completely off anything but yoga. This one – I would have 3 more runs in, all of which I’ve rocked the challenging slopey-hills on – so it might be a fun comparison on the difference a little better preparation makes.  Then I looked up what it benefitted…

Police dogs. K9 unit. Aaaaand all I can think about now is the poppyseed soap again…

Ya’ll know I have to do this one, right? Because at this point, getting chased by police dogs would just be funny.

Especially since I don’t even have the soap.


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