The things that get you moving

Posted: 04/19/2013 in Uncategorized

I mentioned in the RRR 5k that I’d been in a bit of doldrums about running and bootcamp and everything.

 I signed up for that 5k specifically to jerk me out of it. To MAKE MYSELF go running. In a half-used-up month where I’d logged ZERO of the miles that I needed to work towards one of my yearly goals. 

 Then Boston happened.

 The whole world – the whole running world along with it – went HOLEEE CRAP.

 Now I can’t get it them out of my head – my running peeps. Or the trails and the 5ks and the routes that I like. I am so very grateful that it is Spring and not Fall, and that there is a whole great big season of running to be done in front of me.

 I went to running group Tuesday for the first time in awhile, sporting my Boston solidarity blue.


I ended up powering through a hill that usually kicks my ass about half-way through because it’s one of those long slopey ones that never seems to end. The whole time, I couldn’t get *that* photo out of my head –  if you saw it, you know the photo. That image will haunt me for years.  I just kept thinking about what that guy would give to be running up this stupid hill and how arrogant am I that I ever walked it? So I kept running, no breaks.

On Thursday, I made time for the lunchtime trail run I always promise myself I’m going to do, but then let myself get caught up in my work. Three rough miles. It was glorious. Instead of thinking about that photo again, I spent that trail run thinking about how hard that trail used to be for me – and now it’s still challenging, but wow! How far I’ve come! Because of all the running.

Today, I told myself to stop ignoring a calendar reminder I set – one that reminds me every Monday to check all the race calendars for any interesting events over the next 2-3 weeks. I got in there and started poking around, looking to see if I could fit in another 5k SOON.

I felt so grateful to be thinking that. Grateful that I am thinking about the glory of running, and my running tribe, and how close I feel to all of that right now – when instead I could be getting consumed by anger and hatred and fear. FEAR. How I want to read run recaps and running blog entries from every single runner I know from Twitter and FB.

I’m going to tell you something about this Boston tragedy.

It is horrible and awful, unimaginable tragedy – and I am not downplaying that in any regard whatsoever. I have cried too – and I have found myself paralyzed watching the news too. And today, as the city is in lockdown, I am worrying about every soul I ever knew that might have ever gone near Boston. Too.


 But I’m also going to say that never in all my years of running have I ever felt so connected to my running community. To see people dressed in Boston colors, and meeting up for runs across the globe, just to show support. This ethereal, unreal, surreal “running community” that I’ve spoken about figuratively for years has become VERY VERY REAL. Physically REAL. Nodding to complete strangers dressed in blue & gold real. Thumbs up to runners crossing intersections real. Wanting to run a lot more with my regular running peeps, real. Wanting to meet my twitter peeps for real runs. I want to high-five and cheer on LOUDLY every runner I see just for the sake of running. If the intent behind this incredulous act was to make me fear running, make me not want to run – it has failed miserably.

I can’t stop thinking about my running shoes.

This horrible thing has formed a stronger community – the largest, most global, healthiest gang of committed, patient, kind people in all the land.  And it is very very REAL.


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