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Posted: 04/22/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized
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Yoga studio, yoga teacher training.


First most important urgent message: Yes, that’s plastic.

Second not quite as important message: Yes, we use a skeleton in yoga teacher training. Gots ta know dem bones!

Somehow, a girl I know – who has a mile-wide shy streak and usually does her best not to be in the center of a room – got up in the middle of a roomful of people and taught her very first yoga class this past weekend. Okay, she’s me.

And peeps – I did good.

Don’t get me wrong, the first 3 minutes or so were absolutely terrifying, and it wasn’t flawless – but, it went so much better than I’d hoped. The feedback from my classmates was amazing (and helpful) and frankly, I’m just really proud of myself right now. Shy me didn’t chicken out! And I think I could do it again, and probably again after that. 

Which is a really good thing since I spent a chunk of change to learn this stuff. Whew! Pressure off! for now.  Three more sessions to go before I’ll have my 200-hour certification, then a tiny break and on into the next 300-hour training.  I’ll be able to start teaching in June.

Now that I made it through my first teaching experience, the mini-goal is to sit down and work out one new class script a week. That way when June comes, I can start working on finding some teaching experience and I’ll have some classes laid out in case anyone says yes.

A year ago, I just wasn’t in the place for this and the idea of standing in the middle of a room with all eyes on me would probably have stopped me from trying. 

A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered that I could take pictures just for the sake of taking them and that anyone else would want to see them – that I could have fun taking them and editing them and putting myself out there. But then Saturday someone told me I should consider framing some things up and doing a little show. My response was: I don’t have enough material yet to come up with any kind of a theme.


Not – no way, no how. Just – not yet.

And yesterday, when a group was talking about #bostonstrong runs going on in the city today, I told the organizer that I could lead a group if we had a lot of people show up. People have been telling me for a few years now that I should consider coaching a run group and I’ve alwayes shied off of it. They probably won’t need me to do it tonight, but it doesn’t change the fact that I printed out routes and set my mind to it, that if they do need me, I’ll be helpful. I’ll give it a try.

Look at me – trying, doing, being.  These odd things. It all feels odd. 

Like I tripped on a carpet tack and stumbled into someone else’s life.


Sidenote – I would like to encourage the commenting, and wordpress tells me that I should encourage the commenting by asking a question. But that feels pretty odd too – just making up some random question. But apparently I’m into odd at the moment.  So…um…yeah. WTH? Does that qualify as a question?

  1. Steena says:

    omg! Congrats on your first class! That’s soooo cool! I’d be terrified as well. I want to take your class now! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m so glad to see you’re giving yoga a try – it’s been a great compliment to running for me. If you ever make it here for the Flying Pig – you bet I’ll make sure there’s a class available for you. 🙂


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