I am going to make this trail my bitch this Summer! & some other things coming up…

Posted: 04/25/2013 in Uncategorized
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This is what I thought to myself on the way back of an “out & back” on the office trail.

I LOVE IT!!  when I talk dirty to myself that way on a run! LOL!

It’s about 50-degrees, sunny with a nice breeze – perfect running weather to knock out 3 miles.  I think I’ve mentioned before that the (pea gravel) trail at my office is decently challenging – very little flats, pretty steep ups including several steep enough that they put in those wide-rail park style steps.  When I first started running it a few years ago, it completely kicked my ass. My improvement on that ass-kicking has been sporadic. Except that towards the end of last year it seemed like something clicked, and *justlikethat* I was feeling fierce about the whole thing.

This year – THIS SUMMER – I’m going to try and make it a point to get 3 miles in on that trail at least once a week, weather permitting.

It will be my bitch before the end of the running season. No doubt about it.


Tomorrow marks the 1-year birthday of this blog.  Which makes me ask myself if this blog is on track for what I want it to be, and what do I want to keep/stop doing with it.

On the whole, I’m pretty darn happy with it. I feel like it still expresses who I am honestly, and it hasn’t turned into the cluttered mess of memes and DIY projects that my prior blog did. (Don’t bother. I’m not linking to it. I deleted it and privatized it and poured water over it’s head as it screamed some nonsense about melting the flying monkeys.)

However, I am going to try a new thing beginning in May. Starting on Thursdays – until I run out of material.

I’m going to be creating a little series based out of the kitchen. I’m not into posting about recipes or nutrition – experts are out there far more qualified to write about such things – but I have noticed a gap between recipes and nutrition that I’d like to try and fill. Either it will work or it won’t.  I look forward to hearing what you think about it.

I hope to continue putting up more photographs as I continue to practice working with my camera.

I might consider writing some pieces on the types of yoga I’m wanting to teach since they aren’t exactly mainstream – though, again, there are experts out there with blogs dedicated only to that.

If I go somewhere cool, and especially if I take pictures there, I plan to tell you about it.

And while the yoga teacher training weekends are going to put a cramp in my running calendar here and there, I still look forward to writing more race recaps as I put a bead on my 5k goal and work towards crushing it. I don’t have any long distance runs on the horizon, so I’m not going to stress about those goals until I pick something specific. Right now, I want a faster foot turnover and pace on my 5k. I feel like if I focus improvement there, it’ll trickle down to improvements across all the distances.

A bit of where we’ve been in the past year, a lot of where we’re at now, and a bit more about where we’re going in the indeterminate future.

I hope you come along.  A heartfelt thank you for reading and following.

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