And bootcamp is back on…

Posted: 05/01/2013 in Uncategorized

which means it’s lunchtime, and I’m starving. Also, the ‘you skipped workouts the last 3 weeks’ soreness is already setting in. Yikes!

This is going to be bad. I am going to hurt. Bad.

The happy trainer is back to teaching the bootcamp class in semi-full effect, and hadn’t seen me for even 5 minutes before he started calling me out on my bullshit.  I said something to the effect of ‘glad you’re back, I could feel my ass getting more fat on it’ and he answered “That’s your fault, not mine.” BOOM!  That’s a whole lotta truth for that early in the day, but…that’s why I like working with him. I am a person who needs someone to be an asshole to me tough love motivation at the gym, NOT hand holding or coddling. (Or blurry icky photographs of my workout posted all over the internet at OhCrapEarly A.M.) Also, he’s usually right (don’t tell him I said that) – it IS my fault if my ass gets more fat on it.

That being said, it felt really good to get that kind of a sweat in before work. I was really surprised at how well I did this morning for taking the off time. Particularly – pushups went better than I expected, so that was nice. I like being at a fitness level where I can take 3 weeks off and still come in and do a class like this morning and not die.  I like not dying.

Of course, the only way to keep up that level of fitness is not to keep taking 3 weeks off.

So back into the hard work cycle.


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