This little piggie has the blues…

Posted: 05/06/2013 in Uncategorized
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Well, not really…but yes, really. It’s weird. I’ll get over it soon.

I just don’t like being bummed out and I’m kinda bummed out.

This past weekend was the Flying Pig, which is a big freakin’ running dealio here in Cincinnati – to the tune of about 40,000 people participating in the various events – all of which sold out on the FRIDAY before the Sunday race. People who thought they would late register at the expo on Saturday were S.O.L.

I had it on my radar starting back in January – when I had already registered for Run the Bluegrass a month before. Figured run 13.1 at the end of March and then decide about the Pig. Except then, for a whole barrelful of reasons, I wasn’t ready for RTB’s 13.1 and the Pig was quickly out of the question. But even then, I still kept trying to talk myself into something – maybe I can make it down there for Saturday’s 5k or 10k, or make some signs for the distances, or put up balloons, or go chalk up the roadways…SOMETHING…some way to be involved.  It just felt TOO DAMN WEIRD to not be involved in The Pig. You see…

The Pig 5k was the second 5k I ever did, which I think in some ways is even more important than the first one. Your first 5k, maybe you got talked into it or walked it, etc – which is kinda what happened with me – and you can always fall back to the ‘didn’t know what you were getting into, don’t wanna do it again’ framework.

But your second 5k – that’s the one where you chose to do it. You knew exactly what you signed on for. Your second 5k is where the sickness starts – where you learn you can get tipsy on running without all the throwing up hangover part. Your second 5k is where you start to become a racer in addition to a runner – where the times begin to matter and the challenge you throw down to yourself grows harder. *sigh(again)*

Then I skipped the distances in favor of Nashville for a few years, but in 2009, I joined a running group – the one that focuses solely on The Pig from January to May. Those piggies have been my running tribe for a very long time!

I’ve done the 5k, 2 legs of the relay, and the 13.1. And the one year I missed doing any part of it in favor of Nashville, I cheered my sister (& a gazillion other runners)on as she did the half-marathon.

But this year – nothing. I got to watch it go by from a distance.

The rain put a damper on chalking up sidewalks or signs, as did yoga teacher training keeping me busy & out late both Friday & Saturday. And frankly – after 2-15+ hours days, when I woke up on Sunday, all I wanted was sleeping late, coffee and to see my husband in the 2-free-hours I had. Lame, but true.

I watched the whole race go by on Twitter and Facebook. Pictures of starting line rainbows and friends. Talks of PR’s and post-race celebrations. Passing by on a little screen when I should have been down there screaming my lungs out with encouragements.  And even my phone had to be shut down for most of the day. GAH!

Quick, someone go grab the tiny violin. 

Anyway, it’s a ridiculous thing, but it made me sad to miss it.  I’ll get over it. I’m sure getting in a run at lunch (I didn’t even get to run at all this weekend) will help me shake it off. And focusing in on the 5k I have planned for this upcoming Saturday.

In other whiney news…

Ya know how I wrote that bootcamp was back…UGH. Not so much. Happy trainer is shutting it down for a couple months & maybe permanently starting next week. So this is my last week for that…and I need to figure out my strength training options all over again.

I feel like my training plan is such a mash-up right now. And for the most part, my body seems to be unimpacted by the changes – there may or may not have been a little dance-party celebration in my bedroom this morning when I realized my abs were starting to look fierce again (do not judge me!) – but how long is that gonna last if I don’t find something  just as intense & that motivates me quickly? We had a pretty damn awesome workout this morning and it just hit me again how much I’m going to miss working with the trainer I prefer.  Again, UGH.

Worried. Blues. Pity party for one. Yeah…Monday: white flag – you win.

But on the up side, I can at least comfort myself in Reds games this week. I have tickets in foul-ball territory both tonight and for the #Redstweetup on Friday. So, that’s a highlight to look forward to. Nothing like drowning your sorrows in baseball caps and fly balls, right?


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