A pitfall of failing to think entirely through your twitter handle

Posted: 05/10/2013 in Cincinnati Reds, Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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So, tonight is the first #Redstweetup of the baseball season. An event organized by the Reds social media team to get all of the fans who tweet about the team a chance to mingle – in person. Pretty cool, huh?

FACT: No team treats their fans better than the Reds.

Since I just joined twitter at the end of last season, this will also be my first #Redstweetup. I have to admit, that even though I’m pretty darn excited to meet some of the people I tweet with daily, I have a little bit of social anxiety kicking in. Okay, alotabit.

“Dear god, what if everyone hates me and ends up chasing me with torches? It’s raining, they won’t have anything better to do.” 

Ya know, that kind of thing.  Accompanied by suddenly hating everything I chose to wear today and desperately wishing I hadn’t tried to cut my own bangs on Tuesday. Yikes!

When Eric & I talked about it, we decided he probably wouldn’t have a very good time since I would be distracted and he isn’t on twitter – so I’m going it alone.  In other words – just look for the girl that is hyperventilating, hiding under her seat, or tap dancing her nervousness away. Not that I can tap dance.

And then there’s this other thing…

Ya know – when I chose my twitter handle – @swlikeablegirl – and the name of this blog – it never occurred to me that I might actually be out in public – saying it out loud – to real people.  Introducing myself with it.

“Hi, I’m a somewhat likeable girl.”

My god I am going to sound like such a douche.


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