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As I mentioned, last Friday was a Reds social media event – #Redstweetup – where there was a special section designated for fans who have connected via Twitter to meet in person, have a beer and enjoy the game…in real life as opposed to virtually. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and go give it a try. The pretext was to celebrate the season buildup event wherein Reds fans rallied a Twitter campaign to make #JoeyVotto the #FaceofMLB.  To be blunt, WE KICKED ASS! There are no fans like Reds fans.


I went alone.

Eric & I had talked about it in advance and decided that with my being distracted looking for twitter friends, and with him not being on Twitter, that he probably wouldn’t have a very good time. So, alone. That’s how I decided to roll. Comfort zone abandoned for the Fan Zone. Also, I decided to bring the camera for some practice taking action shots and so just in case no one talked to me, I could hide behind it. ‘Cause that’s how I roll now too. All borg-like with a lens where my eye-hole was supposed to be and dreams of having a squint like Popeye. Doesn’t that just scream ‘hey – get to know me! I’m fun!’?  My analogies get a little strange when I’m nervous about my writing.

Also, I get to places a little early when I’m nervous. True story. Except for the pre-game events for the Playoffs last year, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the ballpark more than 10 minutes before first pitch. For this event, I had some time to kill – a lot of time to kill – so I went to find my seat –

I was sooo early.

I was sooo early.

And found this going on:


Some Gapper love on the outside track:


Then despite the fact that it was raining pretty decently through the first 3 innings, 33,000+ people turned up to watch Cingrani take the mound and it was game on:

Oh, Cingrani had to bat too.

Oh, Cingrani had to bat too.

That's how it's done.

That’s how it’s done.

So far, LOVING the new camera. To my old one, this would have been nothing but blurs. AND, my seat was roughly 350ft away. My long lense (75-300mm) w/o the doubler got this one. If I’d added the doubler, you’d be able to see Cingrani’s stubble. Next time.

I got up and decided to wander around, thinking maybe people would be up on the decks and that at some point, I’d quit being a chicken suck it up and introduce myself to them.  Shortly thereafter, I looked to my left and there was Jamie Ramsey of Better Off Red (@Jamieblog) and then my brain went and did a thing before I could stop it – it said ‘Jamie Ramsey’ out loud. And he turned and looked at me (HOLY CRAP WHADDOIDONOW?!).  Then that thing I was worried about – where I sound like a total douche introducing myself as ‘a somewhat likeable girl’ – yeah, it happened. My brain is such an ASSHOLE! Thankfully, Jamie – I call him Jamie now – took it all in stride and told me if I wanted to meet some more people, I was standing in the right place. So I tucked myself a little further into the right place, and started to take some more shots – and then that other thing happened that happens when people see you walking around with a camera that has a big lense on it – someone started asking me about photography – or more specifically, telling me what to shoot as he took a panoramic shot with his iPhone. Yep. I may just be learning about photography, but I know better than to tell someone else what to shoot unsolicited.  Thankfully, his douchenozzly introduction was just a lead off for what ended up being a nice 2.5 inning long conversation. No, I don’t know if he had a Twitter handle.

That being done, I decided to wander some more, get some sausages. Head over to see the view over the bullpen. I’ve never checked that out before.

What the relievers & closers see while they wait for the call.

Or at least that’s just above what they see. Friends, in case you never considered it before – our bullpen hears all the cheering, sighing, clapping you do before they head out to the mound. Nothing to do but wait and listen and study and take it all in. THEY CAN HEAR YOU.


Getting a picture from this doorframe pointed towards the mound may be at the top of my bucket list now. Not because of the pitchers in there, but because feeling that view – not seeing it – FEELING it – has got to be one of the best things on the planet. It just has to be. Above it is phenomenal. Ground level has got to be beyond words for a somewhat likeable girl who loves to shoot spaces & places.

About the time I started taking pictures, another person started talking cameras – my wife wants to get a nice camera like that one & I just don’t know about the expense…

Me: “Do you have kids?”

Him: “Noooot yet, but it’s coming soon.

Me: “Get the camera before you have the kids & learn to use it really well. Because after you have the kids, you’ll want to know how to use a camera really well.”

I have no kids and no right to be giving anyone advice, but shooting my friends’ kids has taught me that much.

It went on for longer than that while I missed another inning or two and watched the start of Sam LeCure’s warm-up.  One of the nicest guys in baseball that I’ve never met.


A little more time back (& popcorn) over in my seat, and I was exhausted when Chapman hit the mound. It was time to go – which was about the time I spotted Dallas Latos (@DallasLatos) on my way out. As a follow-up to a conversation on Twitter, I wanted to stop and introduce myself. First I circled around just to find my balls be sure it was really her, then I dove in and completely interrupted another tweeter that was saying hi. Rude. Sorry girl who I interrupted!! I’m going to say, I was a bit intimidated to meet Dallas – there’s no arguing that she has brought quite a bit of spice to the Tri-state area and created a social media hum – but really, there was no reason to be intimidated. SHE WAS SO NICE TO ME! Really genuine person.  Also, very pretty. I kinda wish I’d gotten over there sooner so that I wasn’t in full flight mode when I met her. Frankly, I admire that way that she’s put some of the more conservative/judgey types around here in a kerfuffle. They need kerfuffled.

Then I was gone. Even though I didn’t meet many people, social events in general can be exhausting for me. The THOUGHT of crowds can be exhausting for me. I listened to Chapman’s inning in the car and the fireworks were starting a few minutes after I got home. I never stop being grateful for Eric’s secret super-fast route home from GABP. Pajamas & cereal. Must haves after a long night.

I tell Eric I spent the game chatting about cameras.

Eric: Did you see Hanigan’s…

Me: Nope. Missed it.

Eric: Did you see Philip’s…

Me: Nope. Missed it. I got to see Cingrani & LeCure pitch, but other than that, I missed it.

I have never seen less of a game in all the games we’ve attended. How does that happen? No matter.

So, going to the tweetup alone was a bit strange – now I know that. Which just means I’ll need to work on making more friends for next time! And make some definite plans to meet them! Maybe then I can spend more time shooting friends & less time shooting the ballpark – though shooting the ballpark is pretty fun too. 🙂

The next #Redstweetup is set for June 9th at GABP.

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