Camera Practice: Day in the Country, part 1

Posted: 05/28/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized

It’s the first day of our 3-day weekend and I’m camped out on the couch-end, facebooking, twittering, coffee-drinking. Just being chill. I slept until 7:30am – an hour later than I’ve slept all work week and when Eric gets up later, I tell him this is exactly what I needed.  All week I’ve felt like my day would start so differently if I could just sleep

one. more. hour.

Eric pours a coffee and begins his boot up process. Asks me about my plans for the day. We have NOTHING scheduled for today. Or tomorrow. The free time feels luxurious. Decadent.

Me: I think I’m going to the plant farm today. I want some things for the yard. If I get them today, I can get them in the ground before the weekend’s out and take advantage of the rain.


Me again (later): I noticed Andyman has a gig at the fruit farm. I think it’s near the plant farm – or near enough. To do both. Thoughts? I want to congratulate him on the new baby.

Eric: What time is he playing?

Me: 12-5.

Eric: I was thinking about tagging along to the plant farm, so yeah – if we can do both, see Andy – that’s cool.


Me: I was thinking of bringing my camera. Play around. Get some practice. Is that going to bother you?

Eric: Not at all. I’m in no hurry today.  Should we bring Jack?



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