Camera Practice: Day in the Country, part 3

Posted: 05/29/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized

Me: Hey – isn’t that grilled cheese place up here somewhere too?

Eric: Oooooh.

Me: You know the one I’m talking about, right? From Andy’s other gig up there.

Eric: Yeah. I like the way you think.

Me: It might be a couple miles out of the way, but it IS up there. It’d be worth it. Fit it in between the fruit farm and the plant farm?


John & Vicky’s van is parked out front. And Vicky, who is sunshine on two feet, remembers us coming in before – even though it was only once – 3 months ago.

I am all about teal lately, which translates into bench love here. This place has very clean, sleek lines on the inside.

There are neatly framed concert posters, album covers and instruments all around that whisper to me.


You’ve not had a grilled cheese until you’ve had one made by a true Deadhead. Just sayin.

I don’t even know what Eric ordered because I am so wrapped up in my ham, bacon, pineapple & provolone. Yes, I said pineapple on my grilled cheese. Yes, it is FABULOUS.


For a place in tiny neck of the country up North, Plain Folk is getting a rep for good music – benefitting from Facebook’s viral way of spreading news about band gigs. It’s how we found the place – through Andyman and Facebook.

Vicky & John like to mix it up and bring in artists from all over – Vicky says they are booked til November.

  1. sharon says:

    good people, good food and good music, what’s not to love!

    • Robert Setty says:

      This place is absolutely AWSOME! Great food, large menu, great bands , cool clean atmosphere & super cool owners! I love how the lady above describes Vicki as sunshine on two feet! So,so true. Any one who hasn’t been here to eat or enjoy the music & a cold beer simply are just missing out! So do yourself a favor and stop on in when you get a chance. Oh, did I mention Vicki is a stained glass artist? Well she is. And a very good one at that! Some of her work is displayed in the cafe’. I’m glad I found this unique little place. As long as they’re in business i’ll continue to visit.

      • Robert – Vicky is a fabulous stained glass artist! We were up again last weekend and she shared some of her art with me – it was AMAZING! (Got me thinking about some art I could use in my house…:) ) I wish we lived closer (we’re about an hour away) – if we did, I’m sure we would be at Plain Folk all the time.

  2. Tania Cleaver says:

    We live just down the street and feel very fortunate about that! There’s nothing like a short walk in the sun heading down the street for an awesome breakfast, a friendly chat and a bar of homemade soap (or art, or a birdhouse, or jewelry….) to go. Makes for an interesting doggie bag!


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