Camera Practice: Day in the Country, part 4 (final)

Posted: 05/29/2013 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos, Uncategorized

Eric: Mind if we stop by Madtree and pick up some beer on the way home? It’s on the way.

Me: Do they have a TV? (we’re listening to the Reds game in the car)

Eric: Yes. They do.

Me: Then why don’t we hang out and have a beer while we’re picking up beer? Catch the last half of the game on the TV.


Eric: Are you getting another beer?

Me: I have to. [Reds] started winning as soon as we sat down. We have to stay and drink ’til the end of the game. Unless they start losing. Then we have to leave.

Eric: Is that how this works?

I am nothing if not logical.


Couldn’t decide which of the effect styles I liked better for this one. So…same shot, different shop.


Day’s over. The truck is full of plants, cider, fudge and a dog passed out cold from Frisbee overload. Two humans grateful to have headed beyond the burbs for the day.

Also grateful to see the couch because we’re beat from all that R&R.


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