Wherein I forget how long runs work

Posted: 07/20/2013 in Uncategorized

Finally some time to write! Hello there!

This post is coming to you from my propped-up feet, which did 8-miles this morning. My long run for this week.

With my workout schedule getting a little wonky lately, I’m showing up for running group – any version of running group – where ever it fits in my schedule. This morning I fit in with the Full Marathon training group and they were doing 8-miles. Luckily, I’ve been around long enough now that I have friends in most of the training groups – so everyone thinks I belong where ever I show up. (Shhhh!)

Lately, I’ve been focused on getting my pace down in shorter distances and working on my weekly trail run. That means that I haven’t pushed over 5 miles in awhile.

A 5-mile to 8-mile jump in one day is pretty significant. Last time I did a 3-mile jump all at once, I was sore for most of a week.

Hmmm. What will I need to get 8-miles done Saturday morning and not die? A plan.

First, I will need to turn back time and not buy Reds tickets to the Friday night game. Past efforts I have made to time travel have been unsuccessful. I can not depend on this.

Then I should probably get out my dreaded water bottle/fuel belt. Dust it off. Stock it up with gels. Put water in the freezer. (I usually put 3″ of water in the bottom of the bottle & freeze it for hot days, then top it off with tap water before I leave the house.) Also, I should spend a minute being pouty and having a bad attitude about having to carry water. Next I should get over myself – hopefully without tripping.

BodyGlide. This sports bra has never seen a long run and it will be 85-degrees before you start. BodyGlide like you have never bodyglided before.

And wear a hat.

This was my plan.

The alternate title for this post was “Wherein Irish Spring on Chaf-y Bits is a Medieval Torture Method still used in Modern Day Ohio”. Followed by an idea for a more curious alternate post title: “What happens when you forget that a little bit of Desitin goes further than you think”. But this isn’t a mommy-blog.

Peeps. I forgot how long runs work.

I did good with the water and gels. I was all proud that I remembered to put a Band-Aid over the stupidity-blister I got on the bottom of my foot from trail running without socks on earlier in the week. Remembered the hat. Remembered the iPod – though I lost a #yurbud earpiece right before my run started. That was inconvenient. I even caught up with and passed two different groups from a half-mile lead they had when I stopped to look for my earbud. Remembered my Garmin. I even saw a deer right as I was leaving – which has become like a good luck thing from the trail running. The deer wished me luck peeps!

Things were going so well that when I had an option to drop to 6-miles, I decided to stick with the 8-mile distance. I laid in a strategy that I would push myself through to mile 5, then reset my watch and take a 3:1 approach for the end of the run – give my joints time to adapt to the extra distance less violently and head off a potential bonk from the heat. Even that was going really well.  But peeps…


I did not Bodyglide like I have never Bodyglided before.

There is badness in my world.

And Desitin (diaper cream) – which I keep on hand just for such rare occurrences – well, a LITTLE LITTLE bit goes a LONG LONG WAY. I forgot about that too. Now I remember. I also remember that once you get that much plastered about, it DOES NOT COME OFF EASY. I think it will still be on my…hands…3-days from now just from having touched the stuff.

Fail. 8 miles done, but still a fail.


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