An update on the general state of all things…I think about cocktails way too much. Which is probably not much of an update.

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Atomic Number Ten

Update #1 – it really does take about 3 days to get the smell of Desitin off all yer parts. You needed to know that.  Really. You did.

Soooo much to remember about the long runs – and getting re-educated fast.

With generally neglecting this place while I got busy with being out in the world, I figure an update is overdue – and let me tell you – I have some VERY EXCITING THINGS to tell you. But I can’t tell you about them yet.  Nope. Not gonna. Made promises. Can’t.  These lips are SEALED. Until they aren’t sealed – when I’m just gonna blabberblabbityblab all over you.  But ’til then. Nada.

I know – I TOTALLY SUCK. But here’s what I can tell you –

The running thing – it’s been going pretty well. Like I said, up until last weekend’s long run, I was putting my time into developing my short run approach and hitting the trail at work regularly. Then the running groups came back from a short break and I decided to start going along. I have some long runs in my future. I haven’t picked a fall race yet, thought Indy is a contender, but fo sho I will be doing Run the Bluegrass again next year – which by the way, has a super cheap early registration ($60) weekend coming up next weekend – go check out their site! So I’ve started adding the distance back in  – and the hill repeats.  I gotta say – group did a 5 mile hit of hill repeats on Wednesday and I killed them! A little slower than I wanted – but they were the kind of hills that usually do me in and this time I powered through every. single. freaking. repeat. – a total of 9 of them.  Who’s a rock star? THIS GIRL!

 A closeup on the art of my beautiful friend Erin –

Also, I haven’t missed a week yet on doing my trail runs – except that I’ll probably miss this week due to some yoga stuff. Unless I can figure out how to get it done.  Which I still might. Seriously loving the trail runs right now!!!

You Do Yoga Cincinnati

You Do Yoga Cincinnati

I “officially” started teaching yoga at the beginning of July.  So far class attendance has been a little small – it’s a 5:30am class – did I say A. M.?, yes, I said A.M.  (I totally heard THE VERY FIRST BIRD of the day start up the other day it’s that freakin’ early) – that’s a little hard on growing a following, but these things take time to build. I have patience. Oodles & oodles of patience.  Frankly, the small class size has been nice while I get used to teaching and working out the kinks in my style. Smoothing my approach. Putting playlists together. Did I mention that I really like it? I like teaching. I like making people feel good about themselves and their bodies and moving in a good way.  (Also, kudos to the husband who has been getting up with me to go to my class!)

Of course the yoga studio is right next door to a bar

I also “officially” started my 500-hour teacher training for yoga! This girl – gettin’ more legit! More serious! More dedicated! I’ve been in an Anatomy & Physiology Intensive all this week that’s harder than my average work day.  But it’s okay. I’m kind of an A&P geek. I love knowing how a body works! Seriously athlete friends, if you have a chance to get your range of motion assessed – DO IT!! It is a seriously freeing experience. When people say things like “my body just doesn’t do that” – guess what? They’re usually right. Now I know the  science of why.  I’m also learning that Humbert’s Cherry Lime drink – which I discovered at a shop down the street from the yoga studio while on a break –  would be awesome with some muddled mint and vodka in it….that thought right there has me a bit preoccupied.

Started a new thing too. Aikido.  The dojo is a serious place. SERIOUS. In the way where I’ve come to understand that ‘aikido’ is Japanese for ‘buy more ice packs’. It’s a multi-art dojo, but when I’m there we mostly do aikido. Right now, everyone is being pretty easy on me because I’ve only been at it a month and am still learning how to fall decently, but I’ve managed to get more than one fugly bruise every week, jacked up my wrist practicing on my own and got my toe jammed with a nasty wince and cuss word. But I’m learning some really cool shit peeps! Aikido is freakin’ amazing!  I know there’s some weird juxta-positioning of yoga and aikido going on in someone’s mind – like, how can you practice martial arts and yoga – which is a peaceful practice – simultaneously? But if you have a good understanding of martial arts, then you understand that practicing something like aikido actually enhances a peaceful mindset – it doesn’t detract from it. It’s weird, but it’s very true. I found that with kickboxing too. Everyone always jokes that “I better not joke with you or you’ll kick my ass”, but honestly – that couldn’t be further from my state of mind most of the time. Some day I’ll make an effort to explain it, but that’s not today.


Still working on the photo thing. I’ve gotten some pretty huge compliments too!  Mostly I’ve been doing some friend and family events which I can’t share here. The idea of putting photos up of someone’s kids/family on the internet weirds me out.  So not too much I can put up to show you – but one of my friends asked me if she could use a couple of my photos as gifts and that meant a LOT to me – that she thought that highly of the pics I took.  Been learning about the differences in resolution and getting prints made between a screen and print work. Learning more about editing.  Learning more about action photography – one of the events I shot was a friend’s blackbelt test in the dojo – that was some FAST movement!! So, upping my skill level whenever I have a chance.


I was so busy shooting and editing those photos that I didn’t get to share these with you sooner. All the pics on this post are from what is called “Final Friday” – the last Friday of every month most of the vendors on Main Street and some surrounding streets stay open really late. It’s like a mini-street festival. These pics are from end of April. Since the Yoga studio is on Main St, they do an open house of sorts too – usually showcasing work for a local artist and doing “Acro Yoga” – which I think the pics pretty much explain. If I’m Downtown for Final Friday – this is usually where you’ll find me. (I’m behind the lens on these.) Oh, and by the way, Final Friday for July is tomorrow.



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