The Real Sibylline

Posted: 07/30/2013 in Photos, Uncategorized, Wandering 'Nati
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For most of the teacher-training intensive, the weather had been kind enough to let us have the doors wide open –

letting in light and all the sounds of Main Street. Every day, and often on our break, I’d spy this lovely woman walking a tiny white dog.

Something about the both of them catching my eye.

Finally, as I was running around barefoot on the street in the sunshine right outside the door, she happened by again and I asked

if I could take her picture. She scooped up her dog, Lola immediately and put on a big smile.

Tell me she isn’t absolutely stunning – the silver streaks in her hair, the large bits of turquoise jewelry, the tattooed sleeves on both arms, my favorite shade of lavender.

And then we spoke – and she was just as amazing!


It was my utter fail that I didn’t get her name, but I’m sure we’ll cross paths again so I can correct that.

I hope I am this lovely when I get further down my path.


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