10 Reasons why Sam LeCure should follow me on Twitter and maybe you should too

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So, it’s no big secret around these woods that I’m a Reds fan. And while I’m not into the fawning routine, it’s also no secret that I’m a Sam LeCure fan – in my own words “One of the nicest guys in baseball that I’ve never met.”  His interviews are always funny and interesting, he keeps a positive social media presence with his #5things on Twitter (@mrLeCure) and he does good work with his Movember fundraising.

Last Friday, Sam put up the following on Twitter:

“expanding my twitter-ness, want to follow 1 new person I know nothing about each week, started today, pick every Friday. catch my eye”

And so I thought to myself –

Well, there were a few thoughts I thought to myself – all big brain, organic interest, overthinking all the things – type things.  Sorry, my brain can’t help itself.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to chuck most of that crap straight out the window. Overthinking =/= fun.  All of that overthinking crap ended up in two questions:


FWIW – the Star-Spangled Banner was already finished playing.

#1 – Yeah. It would be cool if Sam followed me on Twitter. Easy peasy there.

#2 – Well crap. Why would Sam follow me on Twitter? No, really – Why WOULD Sam follow me? THANKS FOR THE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS SAM!

Luckily, I had a whole week of stay-cation and a coupla Reds games to figure myself out. So, Sam, here’s a list of 10 reasons why you ( & maybe a few other tweeps) should follow me on Twitter, in no particular order:

  • When you said ‘catch my eye’ on Twitter, I pictured what it would be like if you actually yelled ‘Catch!’ and tossed an eyeball at me. I didn’t drop it. I shrieked and did a spider-might-be-on-me dance, but I didn’t drop your eyeball. People need friends who don’t drop their eyeballs.


  • I can do 140-characters on lots of topics that aren’t about baseball (or eyeballs). I’m a bit nerdy in a friendly way. The con to that – I probably will use all 140 characters.


  • I think I have a pretty good grasp on being a fan. What it means to me: I enjoy going to games and rooting for the team, but I don’t take it too seriously.  There isn’t a bad day at the ballpark that is spent with my husband or a good friend sipping on a Shocktop and noshing on something from the Smokehouse. It’s nice when we win, it stinks when we lose – but at the end of a day, what I really like to see is a good game where everyone tried their best.  Sometimes you play as hard as you can, and the other guy still gets a handle on ya.


  • I love my husband. The man is a freaking ball of awesome all the time – even when he screws things up, it is awesomely spectacular! Why am I telling you that? Because it makes me uncomfortable when I see fans going all stalker meltdown on a player. I won’t be doing that.  Y’all have people of significance in your life – that should be respected. Married women flrting with players is unbecoming. Just my opinion.
  • Also, my husband does this to Beltran:
09032013 STL Win

“I scruncha your Beltran!”

  • If I saw you at Krogers, I would probably stop you and ask for help. Why? Because I am short and Krogers always has the good almonds on the top shelf. Going all spider-monkey on a grocery shelf just isn’t dignified. (at least not if anyone’s looking). I need more tall people in my life, Sam. To hand me things from tall places.


  • I’m a runner. Runners have lots of good qualities about them – perseverance, commitment. We know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em in oncoming traffic. The ability to talk ourselves up really steep hills and talk to ourselves through lots & lots of miles. Sure, everywhere we drive we’ll annoy you with saying ‘I’ve run this’ for the 52,232,548 time – but also, if you run out of gas, you can always look at your runner buddy and say ‘you can run for gas right? it’s only 10 miles away’ – and stupidly, we’ll probably say ‘sure’.


  •  I know I don’t know jack squat about how to pitch 90mph. I won’t try to tell you how to do it.
  • Also, if you ever have a really bad day on the mound, go replay Game 3 of this season.  April 4th vs Angels.  There have been lots of examples of your excellence, but I like that one. You are badass, my friend. And we all need friends that remind us of our badassery once in awhile on a bad day.


  • I thought out most of this list while scraping paint off my house. I do that – stuff that gets me stinky-dirty. You seem like a guy that would appreciate a person willing to get stinky-dirty in the name of home improvement.


  • This has got to be one of the best player interviews I’ve ever read.  If this is who you are, then we would get along just fine – except for the whole Pabst thing. (Do they even sell Pabst in Cincinnati?) We home brew. I’ll be honest in saying its made me a bit beer snobby.  But you do seem like the kind of guy it would be fun to have over for a beer.  So what are you doing Saturday? No seriously – what are you doing Saturday? We need help painting the house since I scraped the paint off of it.
  • Also, I would not tell all of Twitter or FB that you were over at my house having a beer. People need to have some R&R time. Mainly, me. Who wants to be tweeting schtuff when they could be having a beer with Sam LeCure?
  • I am the youngest of 8 siblings also. Which means, I know what that means at a dinner table. If you come over for beers, I’m sure to have food too – and we can race to see who gets to seconds faster. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  • On my birthday last year, I met Dusty Baker & Gary Matthews. They were out having dinner and everyone around me kept saying ‘isn’t that Dusty Baker?’ and I kept saying ‘no – but that is’ and pointing to the back of a guy’s head. After dinner, they came over to us and were REALLY NICE spending a few minutes talking and letting pics be taken. Gary Matthews sat down next to me, and I asked him if a ring he had on was a World Series ring. He said ‘No, honey, that’s a loser’s ring. Put out your hand – ’cause it’ll be heavier than you think. That’s a winner’s ring.’ And then this happened: 20120903_211207 Gary Matthews  told me I could put his ring on and post pics to FB. HOW COOL IS THAT? My husband didn’t think to get Gary or Dusty in the picture, but I’ll show you my thumb so you can be sure that’s actually me in the photo. Also, this story has no relevance to this list at all – except that if you were a baseball fan and that happened to you, wouldn’t you tell that story every chance you got? *nods yes*
  • Also, if you ever need a good lookout, I know what Dusty looks like from the back of his head.


  • I’m the kind of friend that wouldn’t tell you you were over 10 reasons on a list that started out as “10 reasons…”.


  • I’m working on learning how to take good pictures – a gorgeous weather day at GABP is a great place to practice my skills. I got a pretty good batch on 8/25. Among them were these.  I promise any bad ones of your butt will die with me. (Again, I promise I’m not a stalker – it’s just if I get good at capturing your fastball, then I can get probably get a good cheetah pic at the zoo or catch some great pics of my friends doing criteria races or Ironman competitions.)



Dear Xavier Paul, I am so sorry. But isn’t this a great picture of Sam? #pleasedontholditagainstme


Words of wisdom for the FNG Reynolds on his debut. Who wouldn’t like this #63 guy?


100% badassery.

So, Sam, that’s what I got for now. But if you don’t get to me this week, I understand – hope you know it’s all in good fun. 🙂




  1. zan says:

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks about asking baseball players to reach stuff on the top shelf of Kroger for me. (Fun read! #lemania forever.)

  2. thatcupoftea says:

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks about asking baseball players to help me reach stuff on high shelves at Kroger. (Fun read! #lemania forever.)


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