Race Recap: Hudy 14k, a handful of nuts and then I froze my ass off

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First off – y’all – WHY didn’t anyone tell me I hadn’t raced since May?!?!  What the heck?!

Second – before I get to the race recap – you have to check this video out – all the way to the end please. I’m sharing it because its been inspiring the hell out of me for the past few weeks. I have been following Laura’s blog for awhile and watching her chase the 140.6 dream. This is hands down – THE BEST FINISH LINE VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN! Girlfriend went ballstowall HARD for 10 hours and 34 minutes. Let that sink in for a minute. 10 hours and 34 minutes of your hardest training effort.

And then – joy. Pure joy. Friends, that is a champion. It’s what it’s about.  Like I said – inspiring the hell out of me lately. I encourage you to read her full recap if that’s something that interests you. I will also add, that if you view the post-race thank you video at the bottom – the first 4 minutes – it’s like she wrote that part of my story too though our endings are our own.

Also – you will totally miss the dude who did the 26.2 mile run portion in a Wonder Woman bikini if you don’t watch the video all the way to the end. So there’s that. You’re welcome.

Back to Hudy.  8.7 miles are NOT 140.6 miles. Actually – it wasn’t 8.7 miles either. My Garmin said it was 9.1 miles – as did a few other Garmins around me. Garmin corroboration – it’s a real thing. Not sure what was up with the extra bit, but a 0.4 miles is more than a tangent difference…just sayin’ Hudy.

I did NO prep for this run, and in fact, kinda forgot about it. Shhhhh!  I’ve been kinda distracted busy lately. I might have mentioned that like 50,000,000,000 times. When I went to bed (late) on Friday night, I wasn’t sure I was going to do the run. When I woke up at 6:20 on Saturday morning and it was gray, and drizzling, and cold, I was sure I wasn’t going to do the run. I turned off the alarm and went back to bed. Except that after 40 minutes of trying to convince myself otherwise, I had to pee.

And here is why my bladder’s an asshole.

If I hadn’t had to pee, I wouldn’t have checked Facebook on my way back to bed. And if I hadn’t checked Facebook, I wouldn’t have found out Maine was already on her way to the start line. You know how I love to race with my girls!!! PLUS, I hadn’t seen Maine in awhile. So at 7:10, I went from peaceful, sleepy with pictures of a movie and coffee in my sugarplum head to hunting down the Bodyglide like a mad person and cussing out a twist tie because it wouldn’t get. on. my. shoe. for the chip timer. Trying to make an 8am start time.

At 7:35, I was barreling towards the ballpark (it started at Moerlein Lager House) – realizing I was driving ON THE RACE COURSE – and that I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink. For a 14k run.


I shoveled a handful of “emergency almonds” I keep in the car down my gullet and washed them down with a swig from a water bottle that had been in the car for a few days. Blech! Then I walked into a crowd of 4,000 people – looking for 1 of them- with about 5 minutes to spare. (I kid you not – I actually did have spare time. Apparently there is a time vortex in my car now.) Peeps, I SWEAR THIS NEXT PART IS TRUE – I took a deep breath, did a quick hip opener, walked down the line of people and said to myself “If I were Maine, I would be right about here” – then I stopped and looked to my left and BOOM! THERE SHE WAS! What are the odds of that?! Like, 1 in 4000? Okay, that’s not real math, but it’s not likely regardless. So we chatted – she was doing the 7k with her dad (who kicks both our running asses) – and then split up as we crossed the start.

In the few minutes of calm I did find on my way to the race, I did do some useful thinking. I knew I hadn’t done anything over 4 in 3-weeks and that my last 8-miler sucked badly. Entertaining the thought of a PR would be ridiculous and even trying to insert some speed intervals would be stupid. All I needed to do was just get through the distance. So I started thinking to myself that all I wanted was a solid execution. A quality run. Work my weak spots. Push my strong spots. Do my best with the rest.  Do my work.

So that’s what I did.

I’m pretty happy with this one – especially in the context. Garmin says I was pulling a steady 10:30-11/mm with 2 sub-10/mm surges after mile 6.  Not fast, but I wanted steady, not fast. Told myself that I would run to the 5k marker, then 3:1 interval to hold off a bonk since I had no sugar in my bloodstream.  At the 5k mark, I felt good still and decided to push on without the intervals to the halfway point – which would be after a long, slow incline (my kryptonite) – so I would get my real work in there. Stuck that incline like a champ! At the half-way (4.5 by my count), I opted for the intervals but didn’t stick to a 3:1, skipping the rest breaks when I felt stronger.  With the quality run I was getting in, I can’t help but wonder how much better it would’ve gone if I’d had something reasonable to eat before the race, or if there had been some Gatorade on the course (there was only water).  I was happy to see the downhill turn onto Eggleston, especially since my head had been running numbers since the 6-mile marker and I could not figure out how the heck we were only at mile 6? By my figuring, we were further down the road than that. Also, because I always pick up speed going down Eggleston. 🙂

Finish was solid. Overall, good run. Not my best, but far FAR from my worst.

The course itself was ugly. Least attractive course I have ever run. But – this is where we live – this is our city – these are parts of our city too. Parts with lots of history that should not be ignored. I have a favorite graffiti art wall near Beekman hill that I want to photograph, except that it’s not a great idea to get out of my car with an expensive camera there. We got to run past that, so it was nice to see it on foot. You do see the city in a different way when you’re running than you’ll ever experience from your car.

While I still had adrenaline going, I walked back to the finish to cheer people as they came in – something that always inspires me. Its one kind of inspiring to see someone finish first, like Laura, but its another kind of inspiring to go watch the “back of the pack” come in. I know a lot of people watching a race don’t give it any thought, but those people coming in last – for their own goals, they are working so damn hard! Most of them will never see a winners medal – but just getting over that finish line – it’s a victory. It’s a win. For me, they are champions too. I’m not an “everyone gets a trophy type” – I believe in winners – but Just once I’d like to see a race figure out a way to honor the last person across the line too – for sticking with it. Having heart.

The after party was much better organized than the last time I did this run, but still crowded and uncomfortable. The cold didn’t help – when you’re wet and cold and you stop running – you get REALLY COLD, REALLY FAST. Just like I hadn’t prepped any other thing, I didn’t have a jacket – or even long sleeves. So I was freezing my ass off in short order – the big tents helped keep us out of the wind but once I found a few friends that were wandering outside the tent, I needed to finish up and go get warm again.

On to the next one…

Considering the Power Play 5k on October 19th. That was my 5k PR last year – also not a pretty run with the bus terminal and smell of asphalt but the final up-hill is between GABP and US Bank Arena and that’s fun to push. It also comes with a ticket to the Cyclones season opener, which is my second love to baseball.

Also, can’t help but consider that even if I had dropped to a slow walk for all of another 4 miles at Hudy, I would’ve PR’d a 13.1. Kinda has me thinking about Monumental Half Marathon on 11/2 or Mason Half Marathon on 11/3. I could be very well prepped for either with 5 weeks to do it.

There’s also a 5k for diabetes research on 11/2 that the girls want to do – so…another opportunity to nail a sub-10/mm before end of season might be hard to pass up.

  1. Sounds like an amazing race — especially considering feeling so unprepared!

  2. […] to be crossing the finish line themselves this Sunday, thought I’d link it out again – (here’s my first post about it)(which you should also read since it kind of explains the video, which just to be extra clear, is […]

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